Updated August 10, 2022.

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Some snaps taken yesterday on site at NSME.

Tony Kendall.







Yesterday's PRD - a trainee clippy and overcrowding on the ground level steaming bay synonymous of Top Shed in the early 60s.

Pictures from Chris Atkins and John Kneeshaw.






Why didn't my grandad have one of these!  






Today was the July Club Run. Attendance was low, but the weather was good and those there had more opportunity.

Album Here



Rod wrestles with his standard tank and Andy Waller brings his ugly duckling to site on Friday 080722.


Pictures from David Jones



A touch of nostalgia - two videos by George Winsall of the 2005 IMLEC held at NSME. 

An opportunity not only to see the original, shorter, raised track but running in the reverse direction. 

Plenty of members to see enjoying themselves hosting the event - mostly with whippet-like physiques then. Some were providing ballast weight on the trains. Plenty of excellent locomotives. 

Really grateful for a very good quality video for its day.

2005 IMLEC Day 1
2005 IMLEC Day 2


It's not the norm to run on Thursdays, but today saw a train full of wisdom as the norm express took to the rails.



A video by Ken Mawby of the action on the 16mm track is available Here

The great thing about having a loco steam tested on a Tuesday is all the helpful advice, assistance and comments available.

Yesterday, NSME member Roderick Pearson (Rod) got his 5in. gauge BR standard class 4 tank certified, and went for a run.

Pictures from Tony Kendall






Youngest NSME member, James, left England and strayed into Cornwall on holiday.

Whilst there he got to see the Big Boys trains.


Pictures from Dad.





The 16mm railway folk were busy on Tuesday last.


Pictures from Norman Johnston





Pictures from the party - Saturday last.





The risk assessment on weedkiller spraying has been updated and a safe system of work document added, in the main website members' area under risk assessments.


Pictures from the June Public Run last Sunday.


Album Here

There's always one!



New team member Muriel


The action on site today.


Pictures from Tony Kendall







NSME May committee meeting minutes published in main website members' area.


Some more pictures taken yesterday. More climbing and more of what was being done in the meantime.

Simon posed with his loco which looked in fine condition, John posed with the club Simplex - he has been working on this with Thomas and he looks the prettiest for a long time (the loco!). Peter Squire was assisting Thomas who was undertaking his first test of a loco as the boiler inspector for the 16mm railway. It passed the test and then got a run on the track.

In the background, Norm waited patiently to run his Britannia.

The others were busy talking and retreating to the clubhouse to eat coronation chicken, until the tracks opened.
It was a good turn-out, much better than the pictures suggest.


Pictures from Mr. David Jones and Tony Kendall.





Tragedy! Members arriving for the club run today were greeted by a tree problem.

Fortunately - Tom, Lesley and Peter Loveland's son-in-law, was able to help.
Many thanks Tom.

Pictures from John Tomlinson.






And the maestro himself, driving Tony's Britannia after repaint - on test run on Thursday.

No smiles, but short video


Boiler testing and more edgings for the windmill curve on Tuesday this week.

Pictures from Mr. David Jones.




A note from Meridienne exhibitions....

It is with deep sadness that we announce Chris Deith passed away suddenly on 12th May at the age of 76, whilst enjoying a holiday in Italy with his wife Bridget.
Chris will be remembered by many in the model engineering and hobby world as the mastermind and entrepreneur who created TEE Publishing, Engineering In Miniature, Meridienne Exhibitions and the Warwickshire Event Centre.


Old photo albums never die - as they age in Latest News, they are transferred to Photos on the website under the year it happens. Several have just been transferred.



Although all of the NSME Boiler testers are friendly, charming, gentle people, boiler testing can be a stressful time for any of us, including experienced members.

For new members, even after reading about the testing regime and the code, it may not be obvious how the testing actually takes place and how to prepare and present the item for testing.

To help with this, Andrew Waller, has produced a guidance document for all members.
Conveniently, this document is called "Guidance on Boiler Testing" and it resides in the members' area of the website under Boilers
You will need a password for this - if you do not have one, please ask by email webmaster@nsme.co.uk


That said, always remember to keep it all in proportion - a boiler test is the size of a very small speck of dust on a very big table the size of which represents many of the misfortunes that can happen in life.



Happy customers at the party -  Tuesday last


Kevin West's Bassett-Lowke day was on Saturday 140522.

Photos by Jackie Kneeshaw
Album Here
Guess who won the raffle?

Video from YouTube Here



The committee member with special interest in safety, Andrew Waller, has reviewed NSME risk assessments (RAs). Members must be familiar with all RAs, but those they should pay particular attention to, having been amended, are....


  • Double Heading with Inexperienced Drivers

  • Ground Level access Hoist

  • Operating Trains

  • 16mm Railway

  • Vehicle Parking

  • Site Maintenance


The RA for the portable shredder has been withdrawn - it don't liv ere no more!


Great weather for a successful May club run on Sunday 080522.

Also an opportunity to celebrate Peter Bayley's birthday.

Pictures by Jackie Kneeshaw

Album Here




The party on Saturday 070522.

Pictures by Jackie Kneeshaw






The wet weather held off for a successful May public run.
Opposite - Webmaster's dad driving a train!

Pictures by Jackie Kneeshaw

Album Here




The second party of the 2022 season was on Saturday last.
New driver and guard in pictures 4 and 5.

Pictures by Tony Kendall

Album of pictures taken by Jackie Kneeshaw Here



To celebrate Tony's haircut, a bit of a steam-up yesterday - Howard, Clive and Tony ran 3 engines on the raised track. Many thanks to Andy and Mr. D. Jones for a steam test.

Pictures by Tony Kendall/David Jones



Yesterday was the traditional Easter Monday club steam-up. A pleasant weather day and a pleasant experience. Bernard posed with his Bassett-Lowke, readied for the forthcoming event. Welcome to two members from Peterborough/Tydd st Mary and welcome back David Holland. The Geoff Watts Lykamobile steam car made it to site and home again and, from the Muppets, Statler and Waldorf posed relaxing in the sunshine.

Pictures from Tony Kendall






Richard Folwell is awarded the Bassett-Lowke bowl at the Bits and Pieces Night yesterday evening.

Pictures by Tony Kendall

Album Here

The first fare-paid train round the re-engineered windmill curve occurred at the party on Saturday. Video Here

Pictures and video from Peter Squire


Richard Folwell and Paul Rowell added to the Boiler Tester list in Members' area and given their NSME email addresses.

Our first party this year took place Saturday last. Lots of children enjoyed themselves immensely. It was also a useful opportunity to test the facilities prior to our first public run on Sunday May 1. Both tracks were in use and the new ground track curve performed well.

Pictures from Tony kendall and Jackie Kneeshaw



Action on the NSME Ground level project on Friday last (010422). Peter Squire reports all new panels are now in position with common and 7¼in. rails. Expected closure panel to be cut to length on Sunday and should be ready for ballast on Tuesday.

Pictures from David Jones



Action on the NSME site on Sunday last. Pictures from Jackie Kneeshaw



Norm was at Gilling this weekend with Oliver Cromwell. Video of the event



Dave wishes his arms were smaller and James wishes his were longer, as they maintain Dougal. The gate is a challenge for some.

Pictures from Chris Atkins


Spring just around the corner or, possibly, in the air on Sunday last, when members were alfresco. Album Here



David Byrne begins a challenging project - a 5in. gauge Boxhill locomotive by Martin Evans, formerly owned by the late Graham Jones. David plans to resurrect the engine including constructing a new boiler. This is a model of a Terrier which some may know as Stepney from TTTE & F.

Pictures from Tony Kendall



A brace of Brits having steam tests today - Iron Duke and Sir Christopher Wren.

Just four old farts (including the photographer), with a total life experience of 302 years, preparing for the new season.

Pictures by David Jones


Tuesday crew were busy today as David prepared to insert the available track sections into the available space, Andy tweaked coaches and John progressed the new kitchen.

Pictures from Tony Kendall



Norm has a successful test and a run with his Britannia today.

It is 3½ years since the engine left NSME. Norm has been active for some 25 months working on it, and the daily diary record shows, allowing 6 hours per day, that 3,300 hours have been clocked up.

Well done.

Pictures of the completed rebuild Here



"Lima" was at Echills Wood for a test run yesterday.
David was generally happy with performance - colleague Phil was at the regulator.
The Loco was passed fit for service and David looks forward to commencement of Public Service.

Pictures from David Whelan


NSME Member Peter King, with Elidir, and Norwich & District Society of Model Engineers, had a really successful day at Eaton Park yesterday when they had a public running day with all proceeds going to the Ukrainian relief fund. They collected nearly £500 in donations alone, plus all of their rail fares.
Congratulations and well done.




The first shoots of spring come through with boiler testing on Friday last.

Pictures by Jackie Kneeshaw


David Whelan reports Lima's overhaul is now complete and he/she is ready to return to Echills Wood.



Norm Norton adds water filters and supply connectors to the Britannia tender tender previously featured.


An update from David Packer on the GL windmill curve track project....
Formation now dug to approximate level and new panels laid loose to check alignment. Last two old panels removed yesterday ready to be stripped and rails prepped to make two more standard curve panels. Levels taken so that next week final levelling of formation and laying of base ballast can start.



The NSME stand is the first to be set up on Friday for the Gauge O Guild Spring Show event in Kettering today.
Just awaiting the centrepiece now and the other contributors and punters of course.

Pictures from Geoff Watts.

Although there is never any shortage of hot air in the NSME clubhouse, some of it was put to good use on Tuesday evening with some model engineering for a change, when the Daventry twins brought along their hot-air engines.

Pictures from Tony Kendall




David Jones finishes painting the erstwhile committee wagon.

Picture from the maestro himself, although he was too shy to appear.

Looks great - compare it to a container!


David Whelan progresses with Lima. New valves are fitted to the back head and reconfigured to make the loco more driveable (avoiding bending down). Water gauge glasses are refurbished and given a quick polish and re-bushing of the motion work completed and fitted back to the loco.
Running boards are out to a local powder coating specialist and should be back this week.
He thinks he can see light at the end of the tunnel - but hopes it's not someone with a torch and another to-do list!




As planned, on Tuesday last, the GL track team have drafted in more workers to remove and store the ballast for use later.
Possibly taking the ballast away weakens the root support for the trees and one at least needed temporary support.

Pictures from Mr. David Jones



New item in "For Sale"

Boiler testers document updated in Members' Area of this website.


The driveway gets cleared yesterday morning and the GL track team pass a milepost.

Peter Squire inserts the last hold-down screw into a sleeper to complete the panels.

The team are now moving on to work on the bed which, of course, requires good weather.

Pictures from Kelvin Naylor



With storm Dudley gone and Eunice approaching, site OK so far except....

Report from Geoff Watts.



Again the GL windmill curve rail replacement project progresses.
Despite the current international transport delays, James delivers components from the manufacturing facility to the site, just in time.


Mr David Jones on a bender on Sunday. This was the last rail through the roller - 7 panels to be built this week for the GL windmill curve rail replacement project.


Norm Norton has finished work on rebuilding his Britannia tender, to go with the engine that was shown in photos from October last year. Painting of the whole loco is underway and it then remains to be seen whether it will all work and run.

Click or Dab on pictures for more detail.




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