Updated February 20, 2020.

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 Our next season of Public Run Days commences on SUNDAY May 3, 2020

Free entry. Free parking. Fare: £1.00 per ride.


The NSME AGM took place during the evening of Tuesday 180220. Member David Viewing delivered a presentation on "Big Boy" afterwards. Pictures from David Jones.







 The 16mm track, or perhaps you prefer garden railway, is back in use now, having been fettled by Graham and Norman.
Many thanks.

The track now has "proceed with caution" status.



Smiles in the cold at Delapré





Richard Folwell is on a roll again - more pictures and progress of his roller...

There was a need to make some adjustable stands to align the horn/boiler/smokebox components. Using 12mm setscrews, a built up method of construction, rather than machining from 2inch bar, has been used to cut down on the amount of swarf produced. A few drops of retainer and job done. It's just possible to see one of these stands holding the hornplates level. If anyone has a 3inch scale Ben Hur action figure they no longer play with, Richard would love to have it? Previous parts Here and Here






Norman Lorton is progressing with "Oliver Cromwell." He has updated this commentary (110220) Here



Richard Folwell updates us with more pictures of progress with his 3" scale Simplicity road roller project (more below). One photo shows the boiler mounting plates being machined to a nice snug fit between the hornplates. The other shows the boiler with machining completed and the firehole and damper door assembly fitted. This design has a marine type firebox very similar to the Sweet Pea railway locomotive, hence the unusual looking arrangement. The next step is to fit the smokebox, then mount the boiler at 27 degrees to the horizontal. Richard comments - "For a design the original manufacturers entitled 'Simplicity,' construction of the model is proving to be anything but!"






Richard Folwell sends more pictures of his current project - a 3" scale Simplicity road roller. The pictures include the erection of the hornplate for the roller and trial fitting of brake gear, stub axle assemblies and differential/final drive shaft and bearings. Next stage is machining the boiler mounting plates.




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More parts for Norman Johnston's brake van which includes protruding windows and the inside accessories. Previous Pictures Here and Here






Two new locomotives were on test on the 7¼in. GLT at NSME on Sunday 020220.

Photos by Mr. David Jones, including a short video Here






You may remember member Norman Lorton purchasing the club Britannia locomotive in 5in. gauge.
Norman is continuing to refurbish the loco and he is sharing his experience with us Here.
We intend to update the document regularly.


Richard Folwell sends two pictures of the reversing arm for the 3" scale Simplicity road roller he is building. You may find it interesting that it is machined from solid, a piece of 2" diameter steel, rather than fabricated, which is the more usual method of manufacture - judging from models seen. Richard is currently erecting the hornplates - we look forward to more pictures. You may have seen Richard's work on the roller at the Bits & Pieces Night (Bassett-Lowke Bowl) and on our stand at MMEE2019.




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The Geoff Watts Hunslet "Linda" arrived on site at Delapré for the first time on Sunday last 260120. Steam, movement and great joy were achieved.

A quickly produced, very short video Here







Three answers: 8-4=4, 5+4=9 and 0+4=4.





In the visiting your workshop series, pictures from Andrew (Andy) Waller of his 3½in. gauge Southern Q1 tender, now completed. Next job - a boiler for the loco.

Why not send your pictures to webmaster@nsme.co.uk






Pictures of the 2020 London Model Engineering Exhibition at Alexandra Palace held over the weekend January 17 - 19, from the web.

Regret, no member pictures available.

Album Here.

Report from the papers Here

YouTube Video Here - 2 NSME members at 2min 50



Please Note: The 16mm track, or perhaps you prefer garden railway, is out of use until further notice. This is expected to be for 3-4 weeks from today Tuesday 070120.

Consideration is being given to providing a replacement bus service.



Good to see member Steve Winter back at the club on New Years Day. Steve has been busy and brought his models for us to see. Pictures by Geoff Watts






Pictures of the New Years Day Club Run from David Jones/Leslie Spikings

Album Here.







Corridor tenders are great, but don't forget to disconnect it with the other bits Here





Member Peter King, now in Norfolk, sends a link to a simple explanation of Walschaerts valve gear Here


Peter also sends details of his bogie project for the Norwich & District Society of Model Engineers Here





Thank you to those who contributed photos to "Latest News" during 2019.

220 of them are in an album Here

Eric Morecambe might say, "They're all there, but not necessarily in the right order."





There was an opportunity on Sunday last (221219) to meet up with a new host in the giggle. Member David Jones took on his new role for the Christmas rush - or was he just posing - no sign of work being done?  Please excuse the lack of maternity aprons.

Pictures from Chris Atkins.






Many thanks to those who provided a nice spread for the Christmas Social on the evening of Tuesday 171219.

The Deputy Chairman, Andrew Waller,  wishes us all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year and looks forward to seeing us all at the club run on January 1, 2020

Photo from Leslie Spikings.
Album Here




Thanks to Andrew Waller for organising another season of winter talks. Number 2 was on Tuesday 101219 - Andrew Lounds returned with another presentation "Keeping the Troops on Track Metro-Cammel at War"

Picture from Mr. David Jones.


Many will have seen Peter Squire's part-built 5in. gauge Tom Rolt loco at MMEE2019. Picture further down. Time to start on the cylinders - lots of measuring, measuring again and cutting some metal and making swarf.






On Tuesday 031219, the chairman addresses the meeting called to discuss the feedback from the recent member feedback survey.



The Geoff Watts Lycamobile takes shape down in his workshop.

The boiler is fitted, complete with cladding, bottom burner housing and smoke hood.

Next addition is the seat.


Why not send the Webmaster pictures of your workshop items?



The club sweepstake



Often, when you are working, your safety is so much in the hands of a colleague.




Richard Folwell made it to the front page of EiM with a picture of the front-end of his roller, taken on our stand at the Midlands Model Engineering Exhibition, with just a peek of "Flying Scotsman"



Between the showers, Friday 221119, Noah is surprised Henry has eaten all the coal.

Being a subject of honest mirth in the club for some time now, the piping to the injector on the B1 has at last been replaced. The original was ugly. However, it worked well!







Sad to report that Garth Porter has died. Garth had been an NSME member for almost 20 years. He was most noted for his "Electrical Test Bed" (not a locomotive!), the dynamometer car, taking over the signalling system from the late Peter Jarman, the motorised point on the ground level track and all things electrical. Our condolences to the family. R.I.P.

Garth's funeral will be on Monday December 16, 2019 at 12.00.

Nene Valley Crematorium, Wellingborough, NN8 2NG.










The ground level coach bogies are being maintained with new bearings and re-profiling. Your team is David Jones and Peter Spikings. Pictures here from David.
Regret, the workers are very shy and do not appear!
Time to wash the coffee mug?




The new 5in. gauge Class 59 battery loco arrives on Friday 151119. Pictured here on the new hydraulic stand.



Modelling something different? Here





Ex-member Ollie Batt made the trip from Southampton to give a very interesting talk on the technical side of running cruise ships on Tuesday 121119. The enjoyment seemed to be high and and the talk was much appreciated by attendees (about 20). Unfortunately, the start was delayed by 25mins due to difficulties in interfacing a modern computer to our archaic projector - again!









The bonfire is on the make.

It is reported some are having real problems in deciding, after recent events, whether it is appropriate to burn an effigy of someone who wanted to burn down parliament.




The Malcolm Collins memorial bench is now in position, complete with plaque. Malcolm's ashes were scattered in the adjacent garden on Thursday 311019.

Many thanks to David Jones and Lesley and Peter Loveland for the preparation, which was much appreciated.




The installation part of Phase 2 of the raised track signals project got underway on Thursday 311019 - the components having been made during the running season. This is renewal of cables and equipment from signal 1 at the station to signal 5 at the bridge. It will include the new signal 4 (on the way out, near the bonfire), which is part of the original plan and will fill the un-signalled section at the approach to the bridge. The area between signals 1 and 3 has needed more attention of late and is being replaced. Cables are already laid. Phase 2 is scheduled to be finished by the NYD club run. During this period, signals from the point area round through the tunnel to the station approach should always be available - other areas will vary.






The rain eventually went through to give fine conditions at the night run on Saturday 261019, but slightly late for Noah and Trojan.







Pictures of Midlands Model Engineering Exhibition, mainly by Leslie Spikings, Here This includes the pictures used on the stand.


Again, LMS4767 has produced a good video of the exhibition, now on YouTube, Here





Maureen and Leslie (Bob) Spikings pose in front of the completed stand. Congratulations and well done.

Picture from Graham Jones.


 Loaded and ready to go to Leamington on Tuesday 151019 and construction at Leamington on the following day. Meccano Eiffel Tower in the background.

Pictures from Tony Kendall.






It's that time of year again.


Please be on the lookout for this 5 inch gauge live steam 0-4-0 Black Pug locomotive which was stolen on Tuesday night. It’s a very rare loco & not easy for anyone to sell on. If anyone has any information or is offered this loco please call Warwickshire Constabulary,
Crime ref: 23-42674-19.




Something slightly different at the October public run. A traction engine made an appearance. The Colchester Vintage Car Club visited and members were given a ride on our railway.





The 5in. gauge Baby Deltic, owned by Mr. David Jones (Dave), has been well occupied this year at parties and run days. The loco has been missing recently  - at Peter Loveland's workshop, where Peter and Lesley have been applying new paint. Dave had been told the colour would be pink - but, fortunately, it was prototypical after all.









The Malcolm Collins memorial bench has arrived. The preference is for it to be positioned on the raised track station. Malcolm spent much of his time at NSME as station master.
A plaque will be added soon.



Brake vans normally had a stove inside to keep the guard warm and for tea and toast -  so Norman Johnston's model brake van, on show at MMEE2019, would not be complete without one - would it?

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Signal 6a, affectionately known by some as Bridget, is situated on the bridge and is the raised track advance indicator for signal S6. Suitable indication has been added.


Jon-Luc was out for a run on Wednesday 021019



Tigger and Winnie the Pooh dropped in at Noah's 4th birthday party at NSME on Saturday 280919. They arrived by train, danced with the children, took a ride with them and, sadly, left by train.

A big thank you to those who made it a great afternoon.





A treat on Sunday October 6, before the public run. The Colchester Vintage Car Club plan to drop in at about 11.00 with approximately a dozen cars, having come from Sywell. They plan to leave at about 14.00 to have lunch at the abbey and "get home before dark." The connection is their chief, Brian Aket, hails from Far Cotton.





Dreweatt's auction on Tuesday September 240919 - now has prices.

At least two people must have wanted lot 1?





The rain came on Tuesday 240919. Andy got up-and-under in the dry and a new hydraulic platform arrived - for use in transporting engines from the station to the raised track etc.




Norman Johnston is building a 5in. gauge LMS 20 ton Brake Van for David Calvert and the chassis was available for rivet-counting on Tuesday 240919. This will be displayed on the stand at MMEE2019.  Back to Latest Picture





Peter Squire's Tom Rolt gets ready for the stand at MMEE2019

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The weather was not kind for the September Club Run on Sunday 220919 but members were brave.











Netta "Harold" gets prepared for the  Midlands Model Engineering Exhibition (MEE2019) set-up day on October 16 (Is your stuff ready? Send pictures?), and raised track signals 1 to 4 get  prepared for phase 2 starting on October 28.