Updated September 21, 2021.

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Our next public run day is on Sunday October 3, 2021. 14.00-1700.

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The 7¼ AGM was at Echills Wood last weekend - featuring some well-known faces.

Pictures from Brian Parker.



Knaresborough - no sign of Blind Jack as, taken from the castle, what I call a diddy-bonk passes over the viaduct on the River Nidd.

Got a picture of one going in the other direction - but realised, afterwards, it looks the same!

Hair by Mecini, Hunsbury Hill.



Pictures taken by Jackie Kneeshaw at David Byrne's private function on Saturday September 4, 2021.


Regret, there are no pictures of the PRD the following day.




New member Paul Garfield sends pictures of his kit....



Sadly, Robert Hart died recently. Robert was a building contractor we used on many occasions, including for the blockwork on the revised ground track steaming bay.

Pictures by Doreen Coles and Peter Squire.




August 2021 committee meeting minutes added.


Now with prettier pipework, Norman Johnston's stationary engine is now running on air


A good turnout for the Summer Bank Holiday Club Run yesterday.


Pictures from Jackie Kneeshaw. Album Here



Yesterday, Friday 270821, the first steaming of Tony's GWR Pannier Tank - LBSC called it a Pansy, but that does not seem quite right now. However, it does look a little like "Duck" - but that is coincidental. The loco was originally owned by a club member, the late John Harrison. It was scratch-built way back in the 80s by an employee of Midland Red, Birmingham. It now has a new boiler from Southern Boiler Works (I know, it's cheque-book but it is a beautiful boiler without stuff like backhead fittings screwing directly into copper like the original). A Gordon Smith type regulator has been added and two single top clacks rather than the original dual ones built into the block, to aid maintenance. One injector, crosshead pump and hand pump - the latter positioned in the bunker now - originally on the truck (safer methinks). Lubrication is prototypical - hydrostatic, but not mechanically connected to the regulator.

The test went well, with more items working than expected. Issues centred mainly around the safety valve which caused a bit of a scuttle when it stuck! The injector feed is on the truck, so a Tupperware container was adapted for the purpose.
As you can see, on one side the Great Western is a bit flaky, but then, weren't they always? Oh dear - just couldn't resist it!

The big-boys 5764, presumed similar, is preserved by the Severn Valley Railway.


A short video of running on air and steam Here





A club run night in 2016 Here

Video quality not to modern standards but what was available to me at the time - a Sony video camera, recording on cassette tape for which I paid £25.
I wonder where "The Cheeky boys" are now!

Every now and then I publish the website statistics - number of people visiting and number of pages viewed both per month and per day.
So here goes - for the last month....



Pages viewed/month 5820 = average 190/day

No. of visits/month 2353 = average 78/day
Daily visits double prior to public run days

Interesting (perhaps), the countries of origin
Europe, including UK, 81%
USA 18%
Asia 0.3%
Africa 0.2%

36% of visitors arrive directly i.e. not via search engine.
Those who do, nearly all arrive via Google.

Picture from Tony Kendall of a little of the action in the 16mm track area yesterday - Tuesday 240821.

Specially for our viewer(s) in New Zealand - Hi!




NSME feature in "What's-on" in the Northampton Chronicle & Echo

Pictures from Tony Kendall of the action yesterday - Sunday 220821





Pictures from Jackie Kneeshaw taken at the Grange Park Brownies event on Tuesday 170721 and at the birthday party on Saturday 140721.




July 2021 committee meeting minutes added.


First part of a Hunslet build on the Peterborough SME website. Those into anagrams may be able to work out who it is.


David Calvert brought his 3½in. gauge Heisler to site yesterday. He was too shy to appear in the Photos supplied by Geoff Watts.





Member Thomas Hoy has constructed an O gauge layout which he has called Whaplode. Thomas emphasises - it is loosely based on Whaplode station on the M&GN - he liked the name. That said, Whaplode was one station up from Webmaster's home station - Moulton. When going to the seaside, turn left at Kings Lynn onto GE to Hunstanton or continue straight on to Yarmouth Beach station, via Melton constable. All this, having had a push-chair ride of 4 miles, mostly through fields, to get to Moulton station. Look out for Whaplode on the way back - next stop home. Just another 4 miles walk/push for parents. Long Day - but worth it!
Album of Thomas's layout


The August public run day was the first for some time owing to Covid. Although at first the weather looked poor, this improved to give a pleasant and enjoyable afternoon

Pictures by:
Jackie Kneeshaw (whilst guarding).

Album Here



The Veteran Car Club visited Delapré today, as planned, for a mid-day picnic.

Pictures from Geoff Watts




Something slightly different - Andy Waller is making seats for a 5in. gauge model of an  LNWR Observation Car. Note: the reverse type. Making one - interesting. Making the other 35 - less so?



The opening of the extended raised track at Rugby took place over last weekend and several NSME members responded to the club invitation.

Brian Parker sends pictures.

Album Here


Congratulations to Member David Jones who has a special birthday today.

David started off the celebrations at the club yesterday

Pictures by Jackie Kneeshaw




Richard Folwell tracks down a picture from yesteryear of Ken Markie driving Eric Hudson's "Speedy" at The Racecourse on the portable track.
In the background are Maurice Reeve and Ernest Tebbutt of Tebbutt's Halt fame.



The Harrison mill has been replaced by a mill-drill. Nicholas Bird tries his hand at modifying axle boxes.


Love Parks Week open studio for us turned out to be visitors taking train rides, so it was treated mainly like a club run day. Nevertheless, the Harrison mill was removed and readied for dispatch. We were pleased to see Peter Brough down at the site for the first time in a while.



NSME is taking part in Northampton's "Love Parks Week" as a stakeholder in Delapré Park. Our day is tomorrow, Friday, when anyone can visit our site and be shown around - an open studio.

Back in 2012, TVNorthants made a video to help publicise our public running activities.

Meridienne Exhibitions have informed us they have cancelled the 2021 Midlands Model Engineering Exhibition (MMEE2021) at Warwickshire Event Centre, planned for October.
They have also cancelled the London Model Engineering Exhibition at Alexandra Palace, planned for January 2022.

Norman Johnston sends pictures from the workbench of his boiler/steam engine under development. Starting with an acquired 3½in. gauge locomotive boiler, he has added fittings and piping and is now developing the engine.
The wheel is cast from his own pattern.
Norman hopes this will eventually drive a saw mill, cutting sleepers.



The second version of the video promoting NSME, starring those people you may know, with the addition of an explanation by Norman. 

Pictures of the Club Run Day on Sunday. Album Here



Norm sends a picture and video of Glenfinnan viaduct taken on "The Jacobite" in June behind a Black 5. No sign of a blue Anglia 105E.


All action on Friday as Kelvin and Dave finished the repair to the raised track carriage shed point section with a new guard to protect cables.
Nicholas, James and Dave finished clearing the turf around the raised track carriage shed entry roads - now ready for concreting.
Paul was continuing with the edging and grass seeding on the home stretch of the ground level track.
Dave was also busy supplying water to Jackie (no pics - behind camera!) for new plants in the bed at the factory straight, which is progressing well.
James got a ride on Merlin and Phil went for a run too. Album Here


Members will have seen I hope, from the chairman's missive, that the Veteran Car Club is visiting at around midday on Thursday July 29.
They previously visited us on July 30, 2015.
If you go to "Photo" and then "Events 2015" from the home page of this website, you can select an album of the visit. Yes, it is 6 years, and we were all younger then!

All risk assessments updated. Now available in Members' Area of this website.

The Guildford MES
Gala was staged this weekend. It is much smaller than a few years ago, not just because of Covid, but by design.

Nevertheless, there were excellent models and some good running.

Pictures from Tony Kendall.
Album Here



Howard and Clive were on site on Thursday last for their first run for a while.

Pictures from Howard Wakefield.

The longest day has passed, so it's all downhill now - snow on site yesterday afternoon.

Picture from Peter Squire


You will no doubt remember, on Sunday May 24 there was a session at NSME to allow a video to be made by
Steam Northants (for more information - follow the link). The STEAM Northants event goes live this week and the footage will be part of the promotional video.
Video at NSME Here


Maybe you can see a member you know steaming up at Echills Wood on Sunday?

The first opportunity for a while for opening up a little, with a private function, as Jackie Kneeshaw celebrated her birthday.





A big boys steam raising blower for sale on the Peterborough site Here



Not the Ladykillers - but the Weedkillers aboard the Kneeshaw Express on Tuesday.

Picture from Lesley Loveland.

More photos of Sunday and Tuesday Here

Boiler testing, with advice of course, and barrows for Tuesday work day.




A picture of Norm's Britannia Footplate, with Henry ready for the off.




A better turnout for the NSME members club run day on Sunday 130621.

Pictures by Jackie Kneeshaw
Album Here



The Geoff Watts steamcar got its first road test yesterday.

Video by Lesley Loveland


Pictures from David Jones of today's Club Run Day Here

Another stolen loco to look out for

At the Club Run Day on Sunday next, George and Doreen will be selling some books from Graham Jones's estate for the benefit of Eve, Graham's bereaved partner. If you are looking for a particular book, or railway genre, email them (george@nsme.co.uk) before mid-day on Saturday.
They will also be selling some items from Eric Hudson's estate, for NSME funds. These will include electric motors, petrol engines, Eton drive, and hand tools.
If other members wish to join in the selling activity with their own surplus items, we can turn this into a member-to-member sale as held in the past. (We cannot sell to the general public without contravening the terms of the site lease).
See you Sunday - the weather forecast is great!

David Packer steam tests his 5in. gauge Simplex and 7¼in. gauge Black 5 yesterday and gets a run on a sunny day.

Pictures from David Jones.



You will no doubt have seen from the newsletter that Gordon has been co-opted to the committee.

We are sure you will want to congratulate him when you see him.





Tuesday working party today - edgings being laid, youthful energy preparing for the concrete base at the R/T point - and a bit of a squeeze around a tree for the new fence.




Robert Schofield brought along his Maxitrak Dixie locomotive for a successful steam test which was followed by a run.



Some pictures in an album Here of Eric Hudson at NSME, taken by photographers various, over recent years.
More photos of Eric in the "50 Years at Delapre" presentation in 2015 - Here

The webcast for Eric's funeral, Friday June 4, 2021 at 1.15pm, should still be available Here for a short time at least (better quality this time).
Login/Order ID: 96843
Password: abxjwyyk



Erstwhile NSME member Howard Bowling poses whilst driving at Bala Lake Railway this week.

Pictures from Tuesday. Alan Bell had his Hielan Lassie pacific with him and also the smokebox for his LNER V2, showing the kylchap double blastpipe and chimney.
Elsewhere, wise monkeys were there, and also work was progressing on the new fence next to the small dyke situated amidships.
Photos by Tony Kendall.





A poor turnout for the first NSME members club run day for a long time, on Saturday 220521.

Only one engine came along.

Nevertheless, I had a good run, sharing the driving with David Jones. Better next time perhaps?




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