Updated July 24, 2021.

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Our first public run day this year is on Sunday August 1. 14.00-1700.

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Love Parks Week open studio for us turned out to be visitors taking train rides, so it was treated mainly like a club run day. Nevertheless, the Harrison mill was removed and readied for dispatch. We were pleased to see Peter Brough down at the site for the first time in a while.



NSME is taking part in Northampton's "Love Parks Week" as a stakeholder in Delapré Park. Our day is tomorrow, Friday, when anyone can visit our site and be shown around - an open studio.

Back in 2012, TVNorthants made a video to help publicise our public running activities.

Meridienne Exhibitions have informed us they have cancelled the 2021 Midlands Model Engineering Exhibition (MMEE2021) at Warwickshire Event Centre, planned for October.
They have also cancelled the London Model Engineering Exhibition at Alexandra Palace, planned for January 2022.

Norman Johnston sends pictures from the workbench of his boiler/steam engine under development. Starting with an acquired 3½in. gauge locomotive boiler, he has added fittings and piping and is now developing the engine.
The wheel is cast from his own pattern.
Norman hopes this will eventually drive a saw mill, cutting sleepers.



The second version of the video promoting NSME, starring those people you may know, with the addition of an explanation by Norman. 

Pictures of the Club Run Day on Sunday - Album Here



Norm sends a picture and video of Glenfinnan viaduct taken on "The Jacobite" in June behind a Black 5. No sign of a blue Anglia 105E.


All action on Friday as Kelvin and Dave finished the repair to the raised track carriage shed point section with a new guard to protect cables.
Nicholas, James and Dave finished clearing the turf around the raised track carriage shed entry roads - now ready for concreting.
Paul was continuing with the edging and grass seeding on the home stretch of the ground level track.
Dave was also busy supplying water to Jackie (no pics - behind camera!) for new plants in the bed at the factory straight, which is progressing well.
James got a ride on Merlin and Phil went for a run too. Album Here


Members will have seen I hope, from the chairman's missive, that the Veteran Car Club is visiting at around midday on Thursday July 29.
They previously visited us on July 30, 2015.
If you go to "Photo" and then "Events 2015" from the home page of this website, you can select an album of the visit. Yes, it is 6 years, and we were all younger then!

All risk assessments updated. Now available in Members' Area of this website.


Guildford MES Gala was staged this weekend. It is much smaller than a few years ago, not just because of Covid, but by design.

Nevertheless, there were excellent models and some good running.

Pictures from Tony Kendall.
Album Here


Howard and Clive were on site on Thursday last for their first run for a while.

Pictures from Howard Wakefield.

The longest day has passed, so it's all downhill now - snow on site yesterday afternoon.

Picture from Peter Squire


You will no doubt remember, on Sunday May 24 there was a session at NSME to allow a video to be made by
Steam Northants (for more information - follow the link). The STEAM Northants event goes live this week and the footage will be part of the promotional video.
Video at NSME Here


Maybe you can see a member you know steaming up at Echills Wood on Sunday?

The first opportunity for a while for opening up a little, with a private function, as Jackie Kneeshaw celebrated her birthday.





A big boys steam raising blower for sale on the Peterborough site Here



Not the Ladykillers - but the Weedkillers aboard the Kneeshaw Express on Tuesday.

Picture from Lesley Loveland.

More photos of Sunday and Tuesday Here

Boiler testing, with advice of course, and barrows for Tuesday work day.




A picture of Norm's Britannia Footplate, with Henry ready for the off.




A better turnout for the NSME members club run day on Sunday 130621.

Pictures by Jackie Kneeshaw
Album Here



The Geoff Watts steamcar got its first road test yesterday.

Video by Lesley Loveland


Pictures from David Jones of today's Club Run Day Here

Another stolen loco to look out for

At the Club Run Day on Sunday next, George and Doreen will be selling some books from Graham Jones's estate for the benefit of Eve, Graham's bereaved partner. If you are looking for a particular book, or railway genre, email them (george@nsme.co.uk) before mid-day on Saturday.
They will also be selling some items from Eric Hudson's estate, for NSME funds. These will include electric motors, petrol engines, Eton drive, and hand tools.
If other members wish to join in the selling activity with their own surplus items, we can turn this into a member-to-member sale as held in the past. (We cannot sell to the general public without contravening the terms of the site lease).
See you Sunday - the weather forecast is great!

David Packer steam tests his 5in. gauge Simplex and 7¼in. gauge Black 5 yesterday and gets a run on a sunny day.

Pictures from David Jones.



You will no doubt have seen from the newsletter that Gordon has been co-opted to the committee.

We are sure you will want to congratulate him when you see him.





Tuesday working party today - edgings being laid, youthful energy preparing for the concrete base at the R/T point - and a bit of a squeeze around a tree for the new fence.




Robert Schofield brought along his Maxitrak Dixie locomotive for a successful steam test which was followed by a run.



Some pictures in an album Here of Eric Hudson at NSME, taken by photographers various, over recent years.
More photos of Eric in the "50 Years at Delapre" presentation in 2015 - Here

The webcast for Eric's funeral, Friday June 4, 2021 at 1.15pm, should still be available Here for a short time at least (better quality this time).
Login/Order ID: 96843
Password: abxjwyyk



Erstwhile NSME member Howard Bowling poses whilst driving at Bala Lake Railway this week.

Pictures from Tuesday. Alan Bell had his Hielan Lassie pacific with him and also the smokebox for his LNER V2, showing the kylchap double blastpipe and chimney.
Elsewhere, wise monkeys were there, and also work was progressing on the new fence next to the small dyke situated amidships.
Photos by Tony Kendall.






Brian Parker was running at Eaton Park, Norwich, on Bank Holiday Monday.


Pictures from Sunday....



The webcast for Eric Hudson's funeral,
Friday June 4, 2021 at 1.15pm will be available Here
Login/Order ID: 96843
Password: abxjwyyk

The good thing about Northampton town is it has an excellent proportion of parkland area compared to other use. Sunny Northampton are holding a "Love Parks Week" July
19-25, 2021. All the Delapré Park functions, Ski Club, Pony Club, Angling Club are expecting to contribute.
As a significant part of Delapré Park,
we are planning to open the NSME site on Friday July 23. The exact format has yet to be decided - e.g. whether running or static or both.
Please will members offer support if they can.
Love Parks Week

Looks like Meridienne are at least planning the Midlands Model Engineering Exhibition

Pictures from Jackie Kneeshaw taken on Sunday May 24 - a session to allow a video to be made by Steam Northants (for more information - follow the link). Photo Album Here


A poor turnout for the first NSME members club run day for a long time, on Saturday 220521.

Only one engine came along.

Nevertheless, I had a good run, sharing the driving with David Jones. Better next time perhaps?


Some pictures from Jackie Kneeshaw taken Tuesday last - a working day





Reminder - NSME members club run day on Saturday next, 220521.

Members only please

The Geoff Watts Lycamobile steam car was steaming away on test on Monday 170521.
Seat not fitted yet, but will be over the boiler with driver/passenger facing the camera in pictures 1, 2 and 3.
Picture 4, from the rear, shows the oil-fired burner and the cladded vertical boiler, with the water tanks each side.

Pictures by Tony Kendall.



Jamie and Peter Loveland, ably assisted by David Jones, were on site producing chippings on Saturday 150521.



Some working, some driving, some riding on Sunday 160521.

Album Here

Pictures by Jackie Kneeshaw.



Although others were working, a test and run for "Mayflower" on a very damp day, (Friday 140521), eventually brought steam heaven.

Pictures by Jackie Kneeshaw.




With His Master's Voice in the background, the club Simplex, now Dennis Franklin, gets some attention to his cylinder cocks from David Byrne on Sunday 090521, and afterwards, a run. Pictures from Tony Kendall/Jackie Kneeshaw.

An album of pictures Here of what are developing into Sunday club runs.



Mainly a working day yesterday. Barbara has a new seat - brings a whole new meaning to armchair model engineering? Spraying, barrowing, edging, preparing for November 5, and just a little running. Afterwards, a de-briefing.

Pictures from Jackie Kneeshaw.






Really sorry to report that Eric Hudson, our President, died this morning.





May the 4th be with you - if you are celebrating Star Wars today!

Meanwhile, Norm's modifications to his Modelworks Britannia continue with reverser updates, including a novel way of positioning letter stamps to add the scale to the cut-off indicator on the reverser, plus improvements to the weigh-shaft arm and much more.
Looking good.




More of the action yesterday at NSME.
New member Ngaire gets to grips with Barbara.

Pictures from Jackie Kneeshaw.

Album Here



David Jones sends pictures of NSME on Sunday May 2, 2021.

Raised track coaches were being tested and a trainee driver was taking lessons in steam loco driving.




Goodbye old friend.
You've given us so much entertainment for some months now.
Suppose we will have to do some model engineering, with the bits you've given us!

Video from David Jones.

260421 - David Byrne works on the lift approach


Some of the action yesterday at NSME.
New member Ngaire (Nari), with her children Alex and Judy plus Ngaire's sister Liz joined the others for their running.
Three, or is it four, generations of Dave Jones's family were there too.
Pictures from Jackie Kneeshaw.

Album Here



The article about Jim McGeown prompted member Richard Bridgman to get in touch with pictures of one of Jim's kits he built this winter - a J71 in O gauge. Also, Richard's layout is shown, which is mainly scratch-built, with some kit models.
A picture is included of Richard at NSME with his 5in. gauge Nigel Gresley 2-8-0, which he hopes to test and run again soon.




David Jones and Peter Loveland show off NSME's new mower (The Yellow Peril?) and chairman Geoff shows off his traction engine.

Pictures from Lesley Loveland.



The Dreweatts auction is over and prices are available.


He's recording something - but what, and who is he?

Action in the sunshine at NSME on Thursday 150421.

Find out Here




Jackie Kneeshaw recorded pictures of the action in the sunshine at NSME on Sunday 180421.

Album Here






Really good weather yesterday for the first proper Tuesday work day lately.
Pictures by Tony Kendall




Announcement from the organisers of the National Model Engineering and Modelling Exhibition (Doncaster)...

"After much consideration we have decided that the next show will take place in May 2022. We look forward to seeing you all then!"


Jackie Kneeshaw sends pictures of the first real running this year.

Album Here





Some may remember this - a GWR 42XX 2-8-0 tank in the guise of 4253. The builder used dimensions taken from the full-size loco when rotting out at Blaenavon Railway.
The loco is being rebuilt in the workshops at Rolvenden on the K&ESR and I am a shareholder. Two of the missing parts are connecting rods which are being water-cut in Staplehurst and machined in Chartham. Pictures show cutting and ready for machining.



John's face says it all as things get a little more towards normal on Easter Sunday.

Pictures stolen from Jackie Kneeshaw.



Whilst replacing raised track bearer sleepers yesterday, Chris Atkins and David Jones had a little helper. He really worked hard and wore himself out.
Photos from Chris Atkins.




A trip to Peterborough from Northampton takes about 50 minutes by road - let's be kind and say 1 hour. By train via Birmingham it takes about 3hrs 35min. By train via London it takes at least 2hrs 30mins with a sprightly walk from Euston to Kx. By bus it takes 2hrs 40 mins at best. There was once another option by rail. Take a trip on the ghost train to refresh your memories Here Best seen in full-screen.


After fitting the final two labels supplied by Kelvin Naylor, the signals project is now complete, and the opportunity is taken for some trackswitch maintenance. Hat by master brewers Timothy Taylor (other hats are available), haircut by Dave Jones (unconfirmed).




After a very long lead-time, Tony's Pansy (that's not a place in Wales!), runs on air Here


From this....


....to this

One man went to mow and Noah enjoys his first trip this year




Richard Folwell posts his final contribution, for the present at least.
A big thank you to Richard from us all for exposing himself. We look forward to meeting Simplicity in the flesh at the Delapré site.

Richard's 3in. scale Simplicity Road Roller project Here



When a dead tree root undermines your ground level track, it takes some real hard work from a man and his shovel to rectify the situation.





Norm finishes the gauge layout to the Hewson design for his Britannia.
Maybe you have followed his articles in ME.


"Your Committee" document (Members' area) - updating completed to reflect quasi-AGM

If that's not exciting enough - the Dilbert view of engineering Here


More action from the three Ws - the Wonderful Whelan Workshop!


David Whelan is currently making bobbins



A dull day, but it was brightened a little as spring just peeped through at the NSME Delapré site today.

Pictures from Tony Kendall



David Whelan ploughs on with Maggie. From the bottom, valve liners, cylinder heads, valve front covers and replacing temporary button bolts with csk on the frames.





A little bit of history. The Webmaster was once the carer of a club locomotive - a really useful engine. We spent happy hours together at public running etc. More information on the loco's origin was given in "The Blower" of April 2008 as follows....

"That familiar blue locomotive, so tenderly cared for by Tony Kendall, was originally conceived in the late 1970s as a club locomotive by the then chairman Ken Harris, who had the objective of parts being made by members with assembly at the Northampton College Model Engineering evening classes that he then ran. This part of the project stalled and in due course the two Simplex chassis were finished by Len Gillett; the boilers were made by Fred Winsall.


A more youthful Tony with the club Simplex on the erstwhile raised track approaching the tunnel.

During the winter of 1995/6 it was decided to sell these running chassis and boilers for completion by others, in order to fund the construction of the ground level track. Fortunately both remained in the club, one being bought by Peter Jarman, the other by Dennis Franklin. Andy Waller completed Dennis’s engine, and at his request, it has been used as a club locomotive specifically to introduce our newer members to the joys of miniature steam locomotive driving.
At the recent AGM it was announced that Dennis had now donated Thomas to the club to continue the good work; the only condition he stipulated was that he be allowed a drive every now and then!"
Dennis died last year - many present and future members will undoubtedly appreciate his generosity when running the engine. The other loco is still owned by a club member.
Picture by Howard Bowling, historic words by Chris Orchard.

David Byrne has joined the NSME committee.



The funeral for Graham Jones will be held at Northampton Crematorium on
Tuesday 23 February 2021 at 2.00pm.

Family Flowers only please – donations can be made to the ITU Department of Northampton General Hospital using the JustGiving link on the funeral notice below.


Attendance is limited but there will be a "blue shirt" presence.


Live streaming will be available Here

Login/Order ID: 78186
Password: keagyqeg

Instructions Here


Funeral notice and more information Here






David Whelan makes good progress with his cylinders and valve chests

As reported earlier, Peter Revitt is building the 5in. gauge "Molly-Ann" - a kit from Polly.
Pictures of latest progress....




David Whelan manages some multi-tasking - working on the bore of the piston valve liners whilst setting up for drilling and
tapping the cylinder blocks to accept the valve chests. Slow feed on the lathe gives enough time to work between it and the mill.



David Whelan machines the steam passages into the cylinders and valve chests - before and after.


Graham Hardwick shares a picture of his man cave and of progress on his Martin Evans 3½in. gauge Stannier 2-6-4 Jubilee tank locomotive.



Mr. Crispin
makes piston rings Here - a video webmaster found of interest.

John Kneeshaw still has for sale his beautiful "Butch"

Details Here

(Pictures taken pre-Covid)



David Whelan is in swarfman mode again to machine cylinders.
David is using a dutchman technique to give room for piston valves instead of slide valves the castings were designed for.




David Whelan is making progress with Maggie's frames, adding the horns and hornblocks.
Now moving on to the cylinders.



Getting low on your workshop activity pictures - now the weather is warmer you must be out there beavering away. Have to be careful though - could be offensive to animals - or is it speciesism?

Tony's traffic lights were designed and built pre-Christmas 1978 for son Kevin to add to his cardboard road and cars. They got a bit play-worn and have just been refurbished for grandson Noah - just another click of the ratchet on the great wheel of life. Each has 2 facets for use at a junction. The back one does work - it is facing away. Includes red-with-amber and the sequence reflects 1978 practice, as does the technology.


David Whelan demonstrates the size of Maggie as, having completed the front and rear buffer beams, they are temporarily attached to the frames.
Then there's the wheels.....



Really sorry to have to report Graham Jones died in hospital this morning. Graham had been in intensive care with COVID for about 10 days.




David Whelan sends pictures of his method of mounting a DTI onto his boring head to give greater accuracy than the calibration on the adjuster.
David remarks that it is working well - providing he remembers to move in half the diameter distance required.

Members Lesley and Peter Loveland have been constructing an OO gauge layout. So many of us have done it, paying great attention to the technical side, but faltering with the ambience. I am sure you will agree the detail shown in the photographs is outstanding and a real credit to them.



The 2020 photo albums linked to on this page have now all been added to "Past Events 2020" which is under "Photo" in the main site Here

This allows them to roll off the end of this page but are not lost. Pictures of some events are not available - mainly because they did not happen!



David Whelan was doing some pre-Christmas running at Echills Wood


Although it might be thought nothing happened within NSME in 2020, the album of pictures published in "Latest News" during the year suggests differently. Even without Richard Folwell's excellent series and other albums of the action mainly taken by Jackie Kneeshaw, which are available elsewhere, there are 443 photos. The pictures are roughly in date sequence but, as Eric Morecambe might say, not necessarily in the right order! Album Here



The rains came on Wednesday, and the damage on site is revealed on Christmas Eve.

Assessment: Could have been worse.

Pictures from Geoff (The Waders) Watts.


Yesterday, Tuesday, advantage was taken of the last work-day before Christmas to complete some jobs. Fingers crossed for next week.
Merry Christmas everyone!



Peter King was busy at the Norwich MES club run last weekend. He says "We managed to keep the wheels turning but it was bitterly cold sitting there for 3 hours even with a roaring fire in front of me.  We wish you all a happy Christmas and a vaccination as soon as possible.  Let’s hope we can meet up for a steam up in 2021."

Short Video Here


Britannia 70039 "Sir Christopher Wren" modifications - stainless steel gas valve regulator and stainless steel superheater are completed. Norman helps with lighting up for what was a successful steam test and, between the showers, there is time for a run at last.



Pictures taken by Jackie Kneeshaw of good times on site on Sunday 061220






Phase 3 of the raised track signals project moves on as the signals are put back into use with just a few outstanding items - operation unaffected. Need some mileage now.
Social distancing was observed.




Richard Folwell mentioned Britannia 70040 "Clive of India" this week.

Just as recompense for the fact that Northampton did not get the 2020 UK "Bah Humbug!" award, here is a picture of the loco at that oh-so-important railway centre - Spalding Town.
The loco was on the twice daily service Cleethorpes to King's Cross and was on 40B shed (Immingham).




Have you got one of these - for sale on the Peterborough website.

While you are there, maybe take a look at the Garratt copper boiler - and someone else is building a traction engine.



We have seen Andy Waller's Q1 progress this year. Finally, the loco makes it to the rails, with a few minor outstanding items.
Why 33007? - Andy says "She was based at Feltham, near where I lived, and used to shunt the yard at Staines, so I would see her on my way to School."
Wirely little boy peeking over fence, mac, cap, loco, shunting - magic!



David Whelan, Mr. Swarf, gets down to making the wheels for Maggie....





Have you got one of these in your workshop?


David Whelan has taken delivery of the laser-cut frames for the start of his Maggie build.

Maggie is a Romulus variant - an 0-6-0 in 7¼in. gauge.
David has plans to build it with piston valves, a superheated boiler and Walschaerts valve gear.






NSME member Donald Oliver was featured in an article in Northamptonshire Telegraph recently, having become a station adopter at Corby Railway Station.

Article Here



George Davis's funeral is at Deanshanger Church tomorrow (Monday November 16) at 1pm.

Regret members cannot attend and there is not a web camera covering the event - maybe you might want to think of George at the time.




It might be difficult now to imagine we ever did this kind of thing, but it's reprise time - take a look at Latest News September 2016  Here

Note: amazingly, most of the links still work - just the odd one has gone to the great worldwide web in the sky.





Member Steve Cook has a 5 plank wagon kit for sale.

Now Sold! 






NSME and Norwich member Peter King is busy with wheels.
These are for the Norwich passenger car bogies and will be fitted when possible ready for running next year. Peter's current contribution is to paint them. They were supplied by 17D Miniatures, Matlock, whom you may have seen at the exhibitions.

Not sure whether his cha-cha days are over, but he will surely make a weally good job of them. I'll get my coat!



"Knock Knock"

"Who's there?"


"Earwig O, Earwig O again"

Down in Norman Johnston's workshop, a stationary steam plant is in the making. The boiler is that of a 3½in. gauge locomotive and the grate a tilting rosebud.





Probably it does not matter for the present, but signals 8 and 9 are out of use while works are carried out on phase 3 of the signals replacement project. This in itself should not affect the track use. Work commenced at the steaming bay yesterday with the fitting of a new wall box which will be connected to the new control box. At the same time, Kelvin was fixing a microswitch to the point which will be used for the point interlock.






The Gauge O Guild's Virtual Show starts today. Jackie Kneeshaw and their events team have been working hard on this and, even if not an O gauge fan, there is something to interest most. This is open to members and non-members alike and should be available on-line for 2 weeks Here


Some photos of the Tony Kendall Britannia regulator replacement project. Fitting a gas valve with both boiler and smokebox in situ - not so straightforward with banana hands.  The gas valve needs more rotation to operate than the original - new regulator handle by Norman Johnston, with greater rod-operating distance from pivot, fits snugly under the cab roof. Modifications to the steam collection tube and extending outwards forms the support for the stainless valve and whistle connection.
Several attempts to get the angles right for the operating mechanism - helped by information from Norm Norton on his Britannia regulator.
Stainless transition piece fitted to valve with circular connection to newly-acquired stainless superheater (s/h).
Two pipes still to be made to connect s/h to cylinders instead of the original s/h tails - should make it easier to block off for boiler + s/h hydraulic testing. Other connections are to snifter at front and blower. Drive soon? Hope so!






Latest edition of the blower.

Picture from David Jones


Photos from Jackie Kneeshaw of some of the running at NSME on Sunday 251020.
A pleasant day which eventually turned damp.




251020 Britannia Update:

Norm has progressed slowly with the ex-NSME and Geoff Watts Britannia. His dear wife Jenny has made him a small helper called Henry, to see if this speeds things along. The cleading and cab are on and all the steam fittings with pipework are next. His rebuild story has just started publication in Model Engineer Magazine, so he doesn’t think it necessary to repeat the story here. However, progress photos will appear on this News page with Henry’s help.

Webmaster Comment....

Any similarity between Henry's cap and hairstyle to other caps/hairstyles appearing previously in Latest News, or previous owners of the locomotive is purely coincidental and not by design.





An enquiry to the Peterborough society as to whether anyone is selling a lathe or milling machine Here

Andrew Waller's Q1 is taking shape in his workshop, having moved on from the previous reports.

The Q1 was an austerity locomotive, known affectionally as the ugly duckling, but was a very good, reliable worker and relatively easy to maintain (it says here!).






16mm railway in action on Sunday 181020







Geoff and Kelvin are too shy to appear in the pictures, but they are at the spade, doing preparation work for re-siting signal 8 (next to point) in phase 3 of the signals project.





James and the Giant Truck?

James seems just a little unsure about his new independent means of travel








Mr. President tries out the blower ready for the assault on leaves, and much ado about the mower.


As promised, John fixed us up with one signal switch.




The skip, for the disposal of metal, has arrived.

You can retrieve metal from it of course, providing you take it all home. It is a little like throwing children's toys away - they suddenly find their way back! Perhaps we should have one of our own - it will never need emptying.


What's this under wraps then?
Is it a bird?
Is it a plane?






No, it's John's new loco ......




There's always a warm welcome at NSME!




 It's that time again. Turning over a new leaf ....


David Byrne was caught on camera having a rest.

But, look closer to see what David has been doing. He has adapted and lengthened the erstwhile club 5in. gauge Britannia lift for use with the 7¼in. gauge battery/electric locomotives.
Using the lift, they can now be stowed on the shelves, above any waterline experienced so far.

Well done David - or is it Noah?







Signal testing on Friday 161020.

The raised track pre-station isolated track section is now on trial in the signalling system. This operates signal 10 near the steaming bay. Any train in the section switches signal 10 to red. A picture below of layout in station building. Needs some serious use in all weathers now. Caveats....

Regret, for the time being at least, you will have to switch two switches instead of 1 - single switch planned.
Noted, our mains wires could be tidier.
My wireman seriously in need of a haircut, or is the hair fixed to the cap? AJK.





Tuesday October 6, 2020 was a working day at NSME, although John brought his new locomotive for a run.

Photos from Jackie Kneeshaw.

Album Here





NSME action on Sunday 270920

Photos from Jackie Kneeshaw.

Album Here


Farewell to Scotland's oldest miniature railway (in a nice setting, shame about the diesel "thing" - does anyone else think of Bernie Clifton when seeing these gems?).

Article Here

Peter King sends mirth from North Norfolk.

There are times when the benefits of raised track just shine through!





Out of order but....
Sunday action on 130920

Photos from Jackie Kneeshaw.

Album Here

Tuesday September 22, 2020 was a working day at NSME, although there was some running.

Photos from Jackie Kneeshaw.

Album Here




Sunday Fun on 200920
Photos from Jackie Kneeshaw.

Album Here



Barbara rides again as David Byrne and David Rosier re-assemble after boiler testing. Photos from David Jones.

The number of Davids (10) in the club is fast approaching the number of Peters (11)


Noah demonstrates how you can get the Class 59 onto the track using the Peter Bayley modified Raised Adjustable Transition (RAT). You could say it is childsplay?
Not sure about the coat - he was not keen on having it on and it looked like rain - a compromise.

Pictures from Tony Kendall.





John Tomlinson and David Jones continue working on improving the doors on the erstwhile committee wagon, now 99% completed on Tuesday 220920. Time for a new name? Nobody asleep on this job.

Photos from David Jones.



Long ago, in a land far away, in 2005, NSME hosted IMLEC. George Winsall posted a video of the event on YouTube Day One  Day Two


takes a
break at







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