Updated May 20, 2018.

  2018 Calendar (pdf) Here 2018 Calendar (Word) Here

  The next Public Run Day is on Sunday June 3, 2018 from 14.00 - 17.00

Free entry. Free parking.


Brian Parker sends pictures of the Riverside Miniature Railway’s Grand Opening Gala Weekend, taking place Saturday 19 and Sunday 20 May at St. Neots. Who's that hiding behind the red flag? (Click on the picture)





A brace of Pansies on Tuesday 150518 - and two engines were also in steam!




A decent quality video from LMS7467 of the Doncaster Exhibition Here.



Southern Federation of Model Engineering Societies Newsletter Here.



May 2018 public run day album Here.



Brian Parker sends pictures of the recent boiler seminar held in Eye, Peterborough.

Wake up Peter King!

Andy Waller and Eric Warner hiding?

Nice spread - the Northampton folks being first in line.




Training taking place and jurassic posing before the public run on Sunday 060518.





The Jon-Luc Express on Friday 040518


The Dreweatts transport auction was held on April 25, 2018. Price information Here




A hole in the ground, so big and sort of round it was
There was I, digging it deep
It was flat at at the bottom and the sides were steep...


 Some of you have remarked about Tornado's middle bits falling off on its first 90mph trip last weekend. More details on their website Here




 David gets the Bassett Lowke Bowl for his Midland Compound and, as always, something different from Eddie at the Bits & Pieces Night on Tuesday 170418.
album Here





Tuesday 170418 - pressure on boiler testing for those preferring Tuesday to Sunday.




David Jones sent pictures of the final 2018 official boiler testing day on Sunday 150418






Digging starts on signal cabling to a repositioned proposed signal 14 on Sunday 080417.

Photos from Geoff Watts


The revised boiler test code is effective from May 1, 2018. This will be the orange book which is currently being printed. However, the orange book can be viewed on the NAME website Here and in the Members' area of this website




Easter Monday Club Run - proud parents (and James), Norman sweeps up, Three wise? people, the club Britannia is aired, visitors from Peterborough and Kings Lynn, Bernard Clark dressed for the occasion, Trojan, Kevin's new loco and Esmeralda gets new clothing. Click on pictures to enlarge.



NSME calendar updated to one year rolling road.



The raised track point mechanism advances on Tuesday 270318.

Pictures from Richard Savory




Also on Tuesday 270318, good to see member David back on track and Bernard Clark's B1 "Umseke"
Again, pictures from Richard Savory






David Fieldhouse presents NSME with nameplates various. Thank you very much David.



The team photo during a visit by colleagues from Leicester Society of Model Engineers (LSME) - considering options before building a new tunnel, and, David Packer explains the workings of the new raised track point. Tuesday 200318.





Tuesday 200318 was a boiler testing day. Success as Peter Revitt's Pansy gets certified after a visit to Norman's Thrapston Locomotive Works and smiles from others Photos from Tony Kendall.






Those watching the local news on the TV may have seen VIPs entering the Delapre Abbey official opening event at 14.00 on Friday March 16, 2018



Regret the chances of a new mantlepiece has lessened and no sign of Cadbury's Snack - the raised track gap is no more on Tuesday 130118. Photos from Geoff Watts.





Boiler testing gets underway on Sunday 110318 - the first official 2018 boiler test day.
Photos from Geoff Watts.





Better not put a brake on success and no bobbies on bicycles as the kings of the road measure up on Tuesday 060318.





Those feeling nostalgic may wish to peruse the auction of the late Fred Dibnah Here



No banging in the wind as the toilet doors get modification and a new broom lives up to its reputation during intermittent blizzards on Tuesday 270218.




Peter Bayley has installed new removable stops on the raised track rotator and traverser to help prevent locomotives accidentally rolling off and reducing the chance of accidental damage to feet and models.






Update - the plan is for the gate to be open daily from 06.00 - 21.00 throughout the year starting next week (w/c 260218)
Photos of the completed gate on the abbey driveway from Geoff Watts. Obviously not from Amelia Havisham's house, but practical nevertheless.




  After the pancakes and looking forward to St. Valentine's Day, all smiles at the AGM on Tuesday 130218 - quickly removed at the start of the serious stuff!




News about Delapre Abbey Here 



  After his RTA, a phoenix rises from the ashes over in Peterborough as Member Brian Parker restores "Maid Marion" to her former glory (with modifications various) and rebuilds his driving truck from wheels upwards. Well done Brian. New van below....