Updated July 22, 2017.

  2017 Calendar (pdf) Here 2017 Calendar (Word) Here

  The next Public Run Day is on Sunday August 6, 2017 from 14.00 - 17.00

Free entry. Free parking.


The party on Saturday 220717 started well, but the rain came!



All smiles as the Geoff Watts Burrell gets certified and starts buzzing


New neighbours move in....






IMLEC 2017, held at Southport, a video from our old friend LMS4767  Here 



The Latest SFMES newsletter is available  Here 

Minutes of the June NSME committee meeting are available in the Members' Area of this website


The weather started good, then there was some arboreal fun and finally it really rained for the club run day on Tuesday 110717.


No sign of Barbie, but look out for Ken.

The owner hiding from the photographer could be a Mr. Loveland.

Ken has a touch of the electric about him, so maybe he should have been called Henry or Joules?
Could be female so Candela might be appropriate - or if from France, possibly Pascal?

Anyway, he's gone ohm now!



Good weather for the Daisy Chain Picnic - a fun time for everyone.




The Midland Federation Rally took place at Burton-Upon-Trent on June 11, 2017. Pictures from Leslie Spikings. Album Here 


No sign of the Six Five Special as they were over the points on Tuesday 040717



A small delegation visited the Guildford Model Steam Rally and Exhibition on Saturday 010717. The opportunity was taken to see other options on carriage braking in use there.



July Public Run Day Pictures Here.

Webmaster's Privelege Here - how to get out of the pool!


An electric party on Tuesday June 27



Member Ollie Batt is offering a single phase wood lathe in return for a donation to club funds. Comes with chisels. A sort of Olliewood really. Contact Treasurer


Webmaster's Privelege Here. The Scotsman pauses at that well-known railway centre on Saturday June 24.


A second opinion Here. He must be about 45 now!


Deltic D9009 Alycidon was substituted for FAILED WESTERN on Saturday from Burton and into the weeds of Wales, including the Lickey Incline, with 10 up and spreading joy and just a little clag all the way. Why is that special? Anything which has 72 pistons and no transistors has to be! Here. NB - the failed Western was "Western Champion," not Phil.


New Price!


A large live steam pit winding engine is for sale in the Members' Area of this website

Trojan hits the rails for the first time.


The NSME June Public Run Day was on Sunday last (050617). Pictures from Leslie Spikings. Album Here 


Minutes of the May committee meeting are available in the Members' Area


The new club Trojan battery-electric loco arrives (Perfectly Engineered Really Classy Youth?)


Brian Parker and Peter King were stars when Norwich & District MES held a fundraising day on Whit Monday. More information Here 


The Spring Bank Holiday (Whitsun) Club Run was delayed slightly by a fallen tree. We are pleased to report the crocodile survived, as did the tracks but we lost some of the fence in the recovery process.

Pete H visited from Perth, Australia.

 Album Here 


 Tunnelers, tree fellers and a birthday party on Tuesday 230517





Video of Doncaster 24th National Model Engineering and Modelling Exhibition Here

A short, low-quality video of the first part of the new tunnels in use for the Saturday party on 130517 Here. David Jones has a background role.

 A Leading Light,  NSME member Dennis Billington -  attracting interest whilst exhibiting his Garratt in the foyer at Doncaster.

 On Tuesday 090517, Paul gets on with the painting, a tunnel and our first Tuesday party of the new season.

Webmaster's Privilege Anew!


The April Meeting Minutes are now accessible in the Members' area of this website

Doreen and George Coles send details of the Bedford MES 2017 Gala weekend September 1 - 3. (Note at the end).

The new public running season commenced on Monday 010517 with variable weather. Album Here 



The new party season got underway on Saturday 290417 with Dylan's party.