Updated October 19, 2020.

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We regret there will be no public run days during 2020.

Fingers crossed for next year.

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There's always a warm welcome at NSME!




 It's that time again....





Richard Folwell is back on track, or is it back off the track, this week?

More progress on Richard's 3in. scale Simplicity Road Roller project Here

David Byrne was caught on camera having a rest.

But, look closer to see what David has been doing. He has adapted and lengthened the erstwhile club 5in. gauge Britannia lift for use with the 7¼in. gauge battery/electric locomotives.
Using the lift, they can now be stowed on the shelves, above any waterline experienced so far.

Well done David - or is it Noah?







Signal testing on Friday 161020.

The raised track pre-station isolated track section is now on trial in the signalling system. This operates signal 10 near the steaming bay. Any train in the section switches signal 10 to red. A picture below of layout in station building. Needs some serious use in all weathers now. Caveats....

Regret, for the time being at least, you will have to switch two switches instead of 1 - single switch planned.
Noted, our mains wires could be tidier.
My wireman seriously in need of a haircut, or is the hair fixed to the cap? AJK.





John Kneeshaw has for sale his beautiful "Butch"

Details Here

(Pictures taken pre-Covid)



Tuesday October 6, 2020 was a working day at NSME, although John brought his new locomotive for a run.

Photos from Jackie Kneeshaw.

Album Here





NSME action on Sunday 270920

Photos from Jackie Kneeshaw.

Album Here


Farewell to Scotland's oldest miniature railway (in a nice setting, shame about the diesel "thing" - does anyone else think of Bernie Clifton when seeing these gems?).

Article Here



Nice-looking Sweet Pea for Sale locally.

Details Here

Imperial tools available to a good home

Contact Norman: tools@nsme.co.uk


Peter King sends mirth from North Norfolk.

There are times when the benefits of raised track just shine through!





Out of order but....
Sunday action on 130920

Photos from Jackie Kneeshaw.

Album Here

Tuesday September 22, 2020 was a working day at NSME, although there was some running.

Photos from Jackie Kneeshaw.

Album Here




Sunday Fun on 200920
Photos from Jackie Kneeshaw.

Album Here



Barbara rides again as David Byrne and David Rosier re-assemble after boiler testing. Photos from David Jones.

The number of Davids (10) in the club is fast approaching the number of Peters (11)


Noah demonstrates how you can get the Class 59 onto the track using the Peter Bayley modified Raised Adjustable Transition (RAT). You could say it is childsplay?
Not sure about the coat - he was not keen on having it on and it looked like rain - a compromise.

Pictures from Tony Kendall.





John Tomlinson and David Jones continue working on improving the doors on the erstwhile committee wagon, now 99% completed on Tuesday 220920. Time for a new name? Nobody asleep on this job.

Photos from David Jones.



Long ago, in a land far away, in 2005, NSME hosted IMLEC. George Winsall posted a video of the event on YouTube Day One  Day Two


takes a
break at





Not good news!

Click on document.


Smiling faces at NSME on Saturday 120920 - pictures taken by Jackie and John Kneeshaw.






Some pictures taken on Tuesday 080920 by Tony Kendall - Dave, Andy, Eric and Gordon (with Maisie).




Some pictures taken on Sunday 060920 - welcome back Peter Spikings.

Photos by Tony Kendall.




Enjoying themselves at NSME on Friday 280820 Album Here



On the track at last, a picture of Paul Byles on the new club 5in. gauge class 59.

Paul bought us this engine for our enjoyment. Thank you very much.

Picture from Peter/Lesley Loveland



A video by Eric French, one of our new members, on YouTube Here

A glimpse of some of the the action on Tuesday 010920. Pictures from Tony Kendall





David Viewing brought his 1910 Carson locomotive down to the site for general viewing on Sunday 300820.

The loco is in gauge 1 and spirit fired with a flash steam boiler.

Carson was a supplier to Bassett-Lowke and, in 1913, Carson tooling etc. was acquired by Bassett-Lowke and they made some of their range.

Collage by David Jones - click on it to enlarge

David Whelan starts off making a Rosebud grate for his Stafford 7¼in. gauge locomotive.
576 holes required so could be boring (his words!). He's doing a few extra holes for spares - so if you need a hole - just get in touch.


Update: finished! Now for the test.

Update again - the test worked just fine.

At last, pictures of the muntjac(s) on site at Delapré. A picture has eluded us for some time - and now we have two. Still quite timid and staying hidden.
What's a muntjac?


Sunday Fun 230820
More photos from Jackie Kneeshaw  Here


Pictures from Jackie Kneeshaw taken on Tuesday 180820




Andy Waller completes the smokebox for his Q1 loco.

The chimney was designed as a fabrication, but Andy decided it would be easier and neater to turn it from solid. The smokebox itself was fabricated from steel plate - laser cut blanks, kindly sourced from a fellow member, and brass sheet.



You may notice in the raised track station building an object looking like a memory stick, sitting on its own power supply, plugged into the mains.
It is a datalogger and is taking measurements of voltage from the isolated track section, to monitor the effects of weather. It will be taken away, data downloaded and returned for more. Please will you try not to unplug it. AJK.






On Sunday 160820, a nice day, time for a  run at NSME.

Photos from Jackie Kneeshaw in an album Here

Kelvin Naylor installed his radio storage and charging station/cabinet in the raised track station building on Friday 210820




Chris Orchard updates us on progress at his club - they are also constructing edgings on their new track at West Buckland



Jackie Kneeshaw sends pictures of their Fun-Friday on 310720






Erstwhile NSME member gets back to work at SVR Here on
You may need an account to see it.



Mr. David Jones gets his new Scamp on the rails, complete with Blackstone seat, on Friday 070820.

The loco is electrically powered, with some modifications by David, and is reported to run very well.

 No surprise, but Midlands Model Engineering Exhibition 2020 is cancelled.
Confirmation Here

Rod Pearson had his locomotive certified today (050820) and, after a little tuition, had his first trip around the raised track. Pictures from David Whelan. Best wishes Rod.


Sad to Report the death of member Dennis Franklin at the age of 90

Dennis had been a member since 1986 and contributed financially to the building of the original clubhouse. We will remember him for his work in the construction of the club Simplex locomotive and affectionately being known by some as Thomas's Dad.

A tribute from Facebook Here

Now Sold!
Member Howard Wakefield has a lathe available for the price of a donation to club funds. The lathe comes with change wheels, 4 jaw chuck, tooling and possibly a 3 jaw (if found). Although it has not been used in the last 20 years, the lathe has been well oiled and looked after. There is some surface rust on the face plate and vice. Howard built his first loco on this and can vouch for its robustness and accuracy. There is no play in the saddle/bed. Viewing available in East Hunsbury. Enquiries to Howard, either directly, or to lathe@nsme.co.uk Collection within 4 weeks please.



Paul at Southern Boilerworks has been set upon by thieves. Two boilers under construction have been stolen - a 7¼” BR Standard 5 and GWR County with the inner fireboxes, tubes and the remaining flange plates. Usual vigilance needed but......

New member Gordon Merrey brought along his newly-acquired 3½" gauge Maisie to discuss the requirements to obtain boiler certification. Pictures from Richard Folwell


Bernard Clark
showed us the progress on his 5" gauge 'Midland Compound' on site on Tuesday 210720. Bernard's loco is actually LBSC's less complex Maid of Kent design, which Bernard is skilfully adapting to look like said Compound. This has involved mounting the coupling rods outside of the connecting rods, which has required extensive modification to the cylinder/slide-bar and crosshead assemblies. Further to this is the novel brake-gear arrangement. The locomotive brake layout is unusual in that the operating cylinders were hung, each side of the loco, from chains (the eye for a chain can be seen on top of the cylinder) and had opposing pistons, therefore applying equal pressure to the brake blocks; so Bernard's loco is not without complication!

Pictures and commentary from Richard Folwell



On Friday 190720, some were working, some were playing.
Picture album of the playing Here
All pictures from Jackie Kneeshaw.


Edgings on Tuesday 210720


Pictures from David Jones

Boiler Testing on Sunday 190720. Pictures from David Jones.


We're still working on the isolated section of the raised track station approach - proving to be just a little tiresome, but tenacity is the name of the game. Thursday 160720.




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