Updated December 09, 2018.

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  The next Public Run Day is on Monday May 6, 2019 from 14.00 - 17.00

Free entry. Free parking.


Linda runs on air and gets a boiler in Geoff's workshop, and the sack barrow donated by Graham Jones, gets put into use. Pictures by Tony Kendall.







The 16mm track normally has cool people but just a little cool for running on Tuesday 271118. Some were keeping warm by working. Pictures by Tony Kendall.






John gets his first ride out with his newly built Polly called "Caroline" and Geoff and Tony start work again on the raised track signals extension on Wednesday 211118.





The First Kids on the Block

Picture from Mr. D. Jones



Working day on Tuesday 271018. Photos from Leslie Spikings.






NSME member David Viewing entertained us with a presentation on his experiences in the USA, both at club level and full size, on Tuesday evening 131118





The bonfire gets underway just before dark on Monday November 5, 2018



NSME member Peter King brings news of Norwich club's entry in the Aviva Community Fund competition in which they could win a grant to enable them to buy a wheelchair-friendly coach.

If you think it a worthy cause, you can vote for them Here



Sad to report the death of member Roy Whateley. Roy joined NSME in 2010.

Roy's funeral is at Northampton Crematorium on Monday November 12, 2018 at 11.45



David gets to grips with his Britannia regulator, while Bernard starts a steamy affair with Gert, on Tuesday 301018





Showery, cold and damp for the night run on Saturday 271018





The upper gate was completed on Friday 261018 - keys are scarce at present so, for the short term, big boys and girls will have to be let in.



No sign of Robin Hood, but the Peterborough folks have a Raglan lathe for sale Here




Construction of the new gates to restrict the height of vehicles freely entering the archery field and the field opposite, gets underway as posts are erected on both sides of the abbey access road.






Junior Drivers get in some good experience on Thursday 251018





All smiles (nearly) at the presentation ceremony at the Warwickshire Event Centre MMEE2018 event, as members collect their awards and Andy Warhol fulfils a promise.

An album Here of our part in the show, which includes a small a tribute to Gordon Smith, a model engineer who designed safety valves, regulators and clacks. Gordon often presented at the recent shows.

Pictures by Tony Kendall






Another good video from LMS4767 (Jason from Manchester), of MMEE2018 Here

Look out for a few well-known faces, but somehow, something missing?

Malcolm's Lissajous figures seem to be getting some attention.




Well done and a big thank-you to Leslie and Maureen Spikings for organising our stand at the Midlands Exhibition this year.

Norman Johnston gets first prize in category 5 (Stationary Engines).





New member Malcolm Green is very highly commended for his Stirling Hot Air Engine in category 16.




David Viewing is awarded second prize in class 4 for his Gauge 1 London & Birmingham Railway "Bury" locomotive and rolling stock.





NSME gets second prize for the stand





Not quite the Countryfile calendar, but an album of the photographs selected for enlargement and use on the stand at MMEE2018 Here. Video used on the stand Here




Well done to Leslie and Maureen Spikings for organising our stand at the Midlands Exhibition this year. They send pictures taken at the end of set-up day.





Set-up day (171018) at the Warwickshire Exhibition Centre for MMEE2018.





Lucky for some with the weather on Saturday 131018 for Andy's party.






Cool but fine and very busy for the last public run day of the 2018 season (071018)



It was all parties at NSME this weekend as, on Sunday 300918, Wallace and Gromit arrived by train to help out at Noah's third birthday party and left again by train ....





....And the Northants Foster Carers Association on Saturday 290918.





Forceps, scalpel, OK, stitch it up!



As forecast, the weather did a George Formby for the last daylight club run of 2018.







Not the Aintree iron, probably the Delapre High-un, but the scaffold nonetheless!....





Norman Johnston's beam engine is ready for MMEE2018. Video Here




Rain just about stayed away for the party on Tuesday 110918. Part of the crew, a baby, a 20 and Kevin helps out with some steam whilst on test.






Sunshine for the September public run day. Album Here





Our little stand at the Delapre Abbey Country Fair attracts attention and all smiles (nearly!) at the NSME August club run on Sunday, 270818 - in the promised sunshine









A tree falls and the ground track is used for the party on Tuesday 210818





Progress with the shed turntable take-off points....





Colleagues at Peterborough have a GWR 14XX for sale on their website Here




The rain just about stayed away for "Alfe's Cause" on Sunday 120818. Alfe appears in the first picture (second from left)






Now, once upon a time, and two posers - at the NSME August public run.

Pictures from Leslie Spikings. Album Here





A party for Evie on Saturday 040818