Updated January 18, 2018.

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  The next Public Run Day is on Monday May 7, 2018 from 14.00 - 17.00

Free entry. Free parking.


An invite to an event at Rugby MES in July here



Calendar updated - changes to meeting dates et al.



Plenty of work being done on Tuesday 090118



Minutes of the December committee meeting are available in the Members' area



Despite poor weather, intrusive work on the new raised track point was started on Tuesday 020118. The raised track is only in use for 'out-and-back' for a while - although one wag said one of our drivers often goes fast enough to jump the gap!
Pictures from Geoff Watts





The NSME New Year club run started well as the sun shone, with a good turnout, but midday brought rain which abated after an hour and brightness returned.
Pictures from Tony Kendall and Leslie Spikings. Album Here





Member Brian Parker was involved in an RTA in which his car, trailer and driving truck were written off and "Maid Marian" was severely damaged. We can now tell you, at a secret site, phoenix locomotive transportation is rising from the ashes. We wish you well Brian. (Click on pictures)




Southern Federation of Model Engineering Societies December Newsletter Here




The NSME Christmas social was in the clubhouse on Tuesday evening 191217.
Pictures from Tony Kendall. Album Here



Peter King of the North Norfolk Branch sends a picture of the first Santa Special day of the season at Norwich. The eagle-eyed may spot a special elf at the back.

They seem to have lots of elves, but perhaps had difficulty in finding fairies!

Peter wishes all members of NSME a happy Christmas and a good steaming New Year.



On Friday 151217, pictures from John Tomlinson of the parapet brickwork now completed on the new carriage shed.






On Wednesday 131217, pictures from John Tomlinson of the parapet brickwork being completed on the new carriage shed





On Tuesday 121217, on a cold night, members were given an excellent presentation on airship development, and the Hindenburg in particular, by Andrew Lounds.





Kelvin Naylor sends a link to "The Garden Route"




Minutes of the November committee meeting are now available in the Members' area of this website.




In the Bleak Midwinter our wirely photographer, Geoff Watts, battles the elements to record the splendour of the NSME site at Delapre. There, he finds no trains today.




On Tuesday 051217, while the owner is not looking, there are delicate adjustments to the timing of a GWR tank, and the foundation for the raised track point is started.





NSME 2018 provisional calendar links added above



Proops visited NSME on Tuesday evening 141117, to show us their products.




Tuesday 14117 brought both carriage shed project work and the more routine.
Picture Gallery
Here from G&D Coles and Tony Kendall






Some of us have been there with our models, but full-size preserved B1 61264 had a little superheater problem recently Here



Feedback Updated

Minutes of October Committee Meeting now available on the clubhouse noticeboard and Members' Area of this website


Guy Fawkes Celebrations

Pictures from Brenda Kendall 051117



That Morning After Feeling

Pictures from Geoff Watts 061117



Challenging conditions on the Night Run

Pictures from Tony Kendall 291017




Richard models for Angel of the North

John's doing his Drifters impression again


Visitors bring along a loco for a run

Pictures by G&D Coles - Tuesday 241017



What was it Andy Warhol said?


Norman can't believe his eyes!



Those NSME people get everywhere...








A short video of MMEE2017 by Jason (LMS4767) Here. Peter Spikings at 3mins40


Wow! NSME take first place at the Midlands exhibition!


Well done everyone



Set-up day at MMEE2017

Stand nearly completed



Skills on Tuesday 101017: The Leaf Waller

The Waggoner


The Tipper

The Welder


The Networkers

The Conker Trainers



The latest Southern Federation newsletter is Here



The minutes of the September NSME committee meeting are now available in the Members Area of this website



The Branch Line Society came on Sunday

Pictures from Doreen Coles 081017





The carriage shed gets a shutter and more rails on Tuesday 031017


Pictures from Geoff Watts





What are they looking at then?

Could it be this?


Club run day and the new Raised Track carriage shed brickwork on Sunday 240917






An album of pictures taken during the ground level track tunnels project Here


Everything has an end except a circle, a sausage and sometimes a project. The tunnel project is, therefore, at an end. Project leader David Fieldhouse poses with some of his team - Dennis Billington and Kelvin Naylor, on Tuesday 190917.