Updated September 21, 2020.

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We regret there will be no public run days during 2020
Fingers crossed for next year.


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Richard Folwell is coupling again this week.

More progress on Richard's 3in. scale Simplicity Road Roller project Here





Long ago, in a land far away, in 2005, NSME hosted IMLEC. George Winsall posted a video of the event on YouTube Day One  Day Two


takes a
break at





Not good news!

Click on document.


Work continues on improving the doors on the erstwhile committee wagon, now 50% completed on Tuesday 150920.

Photo from Mr. David Jones.

Someone said the Zs are to commemorate the fact the committee were largely asleep in there.
Webmaster could not possibly comment - spent a few hours dreaming in there though.



Smiling faces at NSME on Saturday 120920 - pictures taken by Jackie and John Kneeshaw.






Some pictures taken on Tuesday 080920 by Tony Kendall - Dave, Andy, Eric and Gordon (with Maisie).




Some pictures taken on Sunday 060920 - welcome back Peter Spikings.

Photos by Tony Kendall.




Enjoying themselves at NSME on Friday 280820 Album Here



On the track at last, a picture of Paul Byles on the new club 5in. gauge class 59.

Paul bought us this engine for our enjoyment. Thank you very much.

Picture from Peter/Lesley Loveland



A video by Eric French, one of our new members, on YouTube Here

A glimpse of some of the the action on Tuesday 010920. Pictures from Tony Kendall





David Viewing brought his 1910 Carson locomotive down to the site for general viewing on Sunday 300820.

The loco is in gauge 1 and spirit fired with a flash steam boiler.

Carson was a supplier to Bassett-Lowke and, in 1913, Carson tooling etc. was acquired by Bassett-Lowke and they made some of their range.

Collage by David Jones - click on it to enlarge

David Whelan starts off making a Rosebud grate for his Stafford 7¼in. gauge locomotive.
576 holes required so could be boring (his words!). He's doing a few extra holes for spares - so if you need a hole - just get in touch.


Update: finished! Now for the test.

Update again - the test worked just fine.

At last, pictures of the muntjac(s) on site at Delapré. A picture has eluded us for some time - and now we have two. Still quite timid and staying hidden.
What's a muntjac?


Sunday Fun 230820
More photos from Jackie Kneeshaw  Here


Pictures from Jackie Kneeshaw taken on Tuesday 180820




Andy Waller completes the smokebox for his Q1 loco.

The chimney was designed as a fabrication, but Andy decided it would be easier and neater to turn it from solid. The smokebox itself was fabricated from steel plate - laser cut blanks, kindly sourced from a fellow member, and brass sheet.



You may notice in the raised track station building an object looking like a memory stick, sitting on its own power supply, plugged into the mains.
It is a datalogger and is taking measurements of voltage from the isolated track section, to monitor the effects of weather. It will be taken away, data downloaded and returned for more. Please will you try not to unplug it. AJK.






On Sunday 160820, a nice day, time for a  run at NSME.

Photos from Jackie Kneeshaw in an album Here

Kelvin Naylor installed his radio storage and charging station/cabinet in the raised track station building on Friday 210820




Chris Orchard updates us on progress at his club - they are also constructing edgings on their new track at West Buckland



Jackie Kneeshaw sends pictures of their Fun-Friday on 310720






Erstwhile NSME member gets back to work at SVR Here on
You may need an account to see it.



Mr. David Jones gets his new Scamp on the rails, complete with Blackstone seat, on Friday 070820.

The loco is electrically powered, with some modifications by David, and is reported to run very well.

 No surprise, but Midlands Model Engineering Exhibition 2020 is cancelled.
Confirmation Here

Rod Pearson had his locomotive certified today (050820) and, after a little tuition, had his first trip around the raised track. Pictures from David Whelan. Best wishes Rod.


Sad to Report the death of member Dennis Franklin at the age of 90

Dennis had been a member since 1986 and contributed financially to the building of the original clubhouse. We will remember him for his work in the construction of the club Simplex locomotive and affectionately being known by some as Thomas's Dad.

A tribute from Facebook Here

Now Sold!
Member Howard Wakefield has a lathe available for the price of a donation to club funds. The lathe comes with change wheels, 4 jaw chuck, tooling and possibly a 3 jaw (if found). Although it has not been used in the last 20 years, the lathe has been well oiled and looked after. There is some surface rust on the face plate and vice. Howard built his first loco on this and can vouch for its robustness and accuracy. There is no play in the saddle/bed. Viewing available in East Hunsbury. Enquiries to Howard, either directly, or to lathe@nsme.co.uk Collection within 4 weeks please.



Paul at Southern Boilerworks has been set upon by thieves. Two boilers under construction have been stolen - a 7¼” BR Standard 5 and GWR County with the inner fireboxes, tubes and the remaining flange plates. Usual vigilance needed but......

New member Gordon Merrey brought along his newly-acquired 3½" gauge Maisie to discuss the requirements to obtain boiler certification. Pictures from Richard Folwell


Bernard Clark
showed us the progress on his 5" gauge 'Midland Compound' on site on Tuesday 210720. Bernard's loco is actually LBSC's less complex Maid of Kent design, which Bernard is skilfully adapting to look like said Compound. This has involved mounting the coupling rods outside of the connecting rods, which has required extensive modification to the cylinder/slide-bar and crosshead assemblies. Further to this is the novel brake-gear arrangement. The locomotive brake layout is unusual in that the operating cylinders were hung, each side of the loco, from chains (the eye for a chain can be seen on top of the cylinder) and had opposing pistons, therefore applying equal pressure to the brake blocks; so Bernard's loco is not without complication!

Pictures and commentary from Richard Folwell



On Friday 190720, some were working, some were playing.
Picture album of the playing Here
All pictures from Jackie Kneeshaw.


Edgings on Tuesday 210720


Pictures from David Jones

Boiler Testing on Sunday 190720. Pictures from David Jones.


We're still working on the isolated section of the raised track station approach - proving to be just a little tiresome, but tenacity is the name of the game. Thursday 160720.



"Britannia" made a fine sight, over the fells, on Wednesday this week (150720)

YouTube video Here

Date: Thursday 160720

The raised track is now usable with care.

John and Jackie Kneeshaw visited site for a run on Tuesday 140720.

Jackie sends pictures of it all.

Album Here



We have been contacted about a Drummond lathe which is now available because of a bereavement.

Also available is the chassis and boiler for a "Tich" locomotive.

Anyone interested please contact secretary@nsme.co.uk



Member George Coles sends a picture of how the Millerbeck Light Railway are coping with Covid


Member Chris Orchard has moved back closer to his roots and is continuing his long-time association with Taunton Model Engineers.
They are also moving to a new site and Chris sends photos of progress with their project.

More information Here



25 years ago, the NSME chairman Dennis Billington, produced a summer edition of "The Blower" club magazine.
Hot topics were the start of building the original ground level track, "Barbara" locomotive, coaches and portable track were donated to the club, and a donation of floor tiles from a display kitchen at Travis Perkins.
The original GLT was modified in 2010/11, but there is a video in the main website of the original.
Is 25 years long enough for the expected life of second-hand gifted floor tiles?


Thursday 020720 and Nick Burton's locomotive arrives for a boiler test.

Picture from David Jones

July came in with not the best of weather on Wednesday 010720. David Whelan ran his Feldbahn, Jon-Luc James tried it for size and gave us a thumbs-up and also whilst running his own loco on the raised track.
Pictures from David Jones.


Norman Johnston has made lamps for his scratch-built, 5in. gauge LMS brake van.
More pictures of the evolution of the brake van Here.



Site work was being done on Friday 260620 - who said haircutting was not available?
Note - our own little fire engine. Needs painting red?

Photos by Tony Kendall



Date: 240620. The raised track is complete again but subject to interruption, after work on the bearer sleepers in the bridge area to level the track and station approach work.

For clarity - both tracks are currently complete.

The funeral of Ken Markie was on Thursday June 25. The webcast is no longer available.

David Whelan had a very successful first run this year on Wednesday 170620 on the newly re-instated ground level track.
David Packer and helpers have introduced new levels just before the reverse curves on the station approach. David W also recorded a video for Facebook
Here. Not sure everyone will be able to see it.


A family day out as Chris Atkins, Rachel and James take delivery of a new General Gordon locomotive. The loco is named "Helen Louise" after Chris's sister.
The number is James's birthday. Pictures from the Atkins family and David Jones.


Arrangements are being made for an interim boiler testing regime during the lockdown from Monday June 15, 2020. This will mean it is necessary to book a slot with the Vice Chairman (vicechairman@nsme.co.uk), observing distancing rules and restrictions.
More details on the noticeboard in the Members' area of this website, or directly Here

Polly Models exhibited - "Molly-Ann" at the Midlands exhibition last October.
She is a 5in. gauge saddle tank - from a distance has GWR 1361 class tendencies.
Peter Revitt was tempted and is assembling in stages as kits arrive.


1363 - reported to be the oldest genuine GWR engine at Didcot


Molly-Ann - a picture from the Polly Models website.


Sad to report the death of retired member Ken Markie. Ken, who had the share no. 003, was instrumental, along with Ernest Tebbutt, in acquiring the Delapré site for us in 1963/4.

The picture shows Ken at the 2016 Christmas Social.


Andy Waller makes progress building the boiler for his Q1 locomotive.


Andy Waller made a pump trolley - the real thing
An alternative is a pump truck - the real thing
Here (Recognise someone?)
Then there is the Handcar or pump car in the USA
As always, Thomas has the answer Here


Some of you will remember David Whelan's Royal Scot as opposite at the June 2017 PRD (Picture L. R. Spikings).
David took the engine out of traffic for a quick winter overhaul and a splash of paint. This developed into a full overhaul lasting 2 years and many refurbished parts. The loco is nearly ready for firing and then, after replacing the tinware and final touches, ready for a run.
A transition from 6170 to 46170 and from black to green. David is looking forward to his first run.

Andrew Waller (Andy) has been busy making a pump trolley recently.
The story Here

Now Sold
Mick Pearson has parts for two 3½in. gauge locos (LBSC P V Baker) available from his roof-less shed as in photos....
2 unused copper boilers tested 22-4-79  180 psi
2 sets wheels finished
. Axle box castings. NO CYLINDER CASTINGS.
Lots of castings. Drawings
Contact either direct or via webmaster@nsme.co.uk

Advert will be in the "For Sale" section in Members' Area in 7 days
Reminder - there are still bogies for sale there.




The ground level track is complete again and ready for use.


The raised track is now complete at the station approach.

The Passenger Carrying Miniature Railways Safety Group (PCMRSG) has been working with HSE on a replacement for HS216. This is HS2020, "Managing Health and Safety at Passenger-Carrying Miniature Railways" - guidance for operators of passenger-carrying miniature railways, and has gone to press.
It is available on the PCMRSG website




Some of you may have visited Bressingham gardens in the past, for its railways or to run your traction engine. A programme featuring Bressingham is broadcast on C5 Thursday next 280520, at 19.00 - episode 1 of 5. Trendies call this a heads-up! Here

Will there be a Norfolk Piglet?

Reminder: Dreweatts Auction too on Thursday 280520. Details Below




In England we are encouraged to get back to work and to engage in pastimes that can be done safely, with distancing and precautions, to reduce the likelihood of infection. This to be tempered by our own risk and the application of common sense.

A lone worker isolates himself to weld in  spacers on the new electrically isolated section of track as part of phase 3 of the signals project (more about that later).

A couple isolate for the romance of gardening.




One of our members from Corby has in his possession an aged model locomotive, probably from the 1950s.

Any suggestions or pointers to what it might be will be gratefully received please to webmaster@nsme.co.uk







Guidance on Heritage railway recovery plans - response to Covid-19, issued Here




Maybe suitable for the NSME post-lockdown barbecue?




Member Peter King points out, this time, the Dreweatts auction "The Transport Sale" is taking place on-line on Thursday May 28, 2020. Some good entries in the catalogue on their website




Webmaster comment - I regret no mention in the credits of Hornby or our soldier but the kitchen porter was! I think I saw the train Waller's hands at the end of the table?

Member Andrew Waller has been involved in the British Banquet part of the series "Great British Menu" recently. He was
volunteered by his prospective son in law, to set up and run a model railway at the start of the banquet. It was recorded at Exeter College in Oxford in early February.

The trains (00 gauge including Hogwarts Castle), with support from Hornby Hobbies Ltd., were used to deliver the first course (believed to be the `amuse bouche`), so it should not be too far into the programme when you can see the the railway bit. The programme is showing this Friday evening, May 15, BBC2, 8pm. 

Andy did not get paid for his efforts (expenses only), but the production company agreed to make a donation to NSME funds, which our treasurer has now received. "Great British Menu" website Here




At Delapré we have often seen Fred, a basset hound belonging to Phil and Heather Weston (opposite).

They now have a new friend called Bob, a bagle - not because he is sweet enough to eat, but a basset/beagle cross.

Bob has already shown an interest in steam (below).



Perhaps a truck like this might be needed?

Many model engineers were sad to hear of the death of Don Ashton over the Easter holiday. Don was an acknowledged expert in steam locomotive valve gear and timing - his website Here




NSME member Peter Loveland steams up in his garden to test his 5in. gauge LT-liveried 0-6-0 Pansy - and all ready to go.

It all looks very pleasant - note the duck in the background.

Best be careful not to go backwards?





Latest news is a rolling format, items are added to the top and others deleted from the end as the file grows, otherwise it would take hours to download and not live up to its name. Occasionally the file is saved as a record.
One such file allows us to look back to Latest News June 2016 to remind us of more active times
Here. Please do not forget to come back to 2020 - no matter how tempting it is to stay in 2016!
The passage of time means some of the external links will not work, but most of the internal links, e.g. photo albums, should work - with the exception of calendars






The NSME Delapré site looks nice and green and our assets appear to remain in fine condition.

All dressed up - nowhere to go!

Pictures from David Jones on Sunday 030520

More pictures Here

You may remember Peter Squire's Tom Rolt project as below, which is moving on to the next stage.

The picture shows the 3D printed motion brackets, ready to go into the sand mould for casting in gunmetal next week.




Peter Squire sends an update on his "Tom Rolt" project.

There were no buffer castings readily available and, being complex to fabricate, a more modern technique was used for producing them.

1. Started with a 3D model and sent to be 3D printed.


2. Gun metal castings arrived.

3. Machined and fitted to buffer beam.


Motion bracket next - awaiting delivery of castings


lf you are having Delapré withdrawal syndrome - there are always plenty of pictures, including the Latest News pictures from 2019, Here





Richard Folwell, is up to his arms in it and makes it snappy in this week's installment.

More progress on Richard's 3in. scale Simplicity Road Roller project Here




Life is tough as a webmaster. Low pay, etc.

However, at Peterborough the webmaster has a particular problem to solve Here





We have seen pictures previously of the loco Andy Waller is building. Andy seems to feel the need to apologise but no need - and why so modest?....
"After all the recent beautifully made examples of metalwork and woodwork on the website, I`m afraid all I`ve got to offer are some very crudely made wooden formers made from bits of scrap timber and the inner and outer copper wrappers for the firebox on my 3½in. gauge Q1, I`ve bashed out on them. Hopefully they will look a bit neater when everything comes together"



So many of us are looking in our workshop drawers at the moment - even if we are only clearing them out.

Member Mick Pearson was burrowing and found these two, which, after repair and cleaning, have scrubbed up very nicely.




Members George and Doreen Coles, report that, after several years, when they have been visiting other railways with their 7¼in. gauge locos, their 10¼in. gauge Tri-ang Minic Geodor Railway has been neglected - very pretty, but not conducive to running.  (Especially as this is an electrified track).
So the GeoDor Railway Restoration Society is taking advantage of the enforced isolation in these strange times, to ‘do what it says on the tin’ and get the railway running again.
Some way to go yet. Hopefully, more pictures as they progress.

Does this need a 10¼in. gauge train to take the spoil away?





Perhaps the webmaster abusing privilege, perhaps something of interest and different....

The diesel engine that turns me on the most is the Deltic engine – no surprise to some perhaps.

However, what comes second for me is the Field Marshall tractor.

This is a single cylinder diesel with manual start, which was manufactured between 1945 and 1967 in Gainsborough, Lincs. They were produced both as wheeled and crawler versions, the crawler being much rarer.



The glowplug takes the form of a piece of lighted cartridge paper screwed into the cylinder at the front of the tractor. There are then two options – a starting handle, or rotating to a flywheel mark then placing a blank 12 bore cartridge in the front and detonating it with a hammer. They were widely used for threshing because of their even beat.

Some are preserved in England, and many more in the USA.

There is no accounting for taste, but the sound of one ticking over is music to me.
Tick-over video Here. On the road video Here. Starting by hand video Here

Starting with cartridge Here 1/3 scale Model Here





Peter Spikings relates how he bought a load of rusty castings for a 7¼in. gauge locomotive, not knowing what they were. He later did some research and found them to be for a Schools class and is now in the process of rebuilding it.

As he says - going back to schools!




A schools class in action Here




NSME member Simon Cook has been busy building a mechanical hacksaw.

"A project that I've just finished. I was going to bring it along to bits and pieces night but...... I turned it into a YouTube video because I had some spare time!! 

It's a "Hemingway Kits" kit of their mechanical hacksaw. You get quite a few castings in aluminium and cast iron, with drawings and a build guide. The whole thing was built using just an ML7 and hand tools. 

It has an auto-off, adjustable stroke, oil damper and adjustable weight that changes cut pressure. The video ends with it cutting 1" X 1/2" steel."





NSME Chairman Geoff Watts sends pictures of progress on his Lycamobile.

The detail pictures show lots of pipework from two axle pumps for water feed and bypass, the inverter and hand pump, the diesel burner for the boiler and the pressure switch.







Member Kevin West has moved house and sends an update on progress so far.

"I moved to Hinckley at the end of February, so does that make me a country member? The house can be described as a wonderful workshop with a nice house attached! After years of trying to work in cramped outhouses and cold sheds I now have a lovely dry space to work, with separate fitting bench, machining area and a separate soldering area.



I have been putting this to good use by getting on with the assembly of a Keith Cousin's kit for a Gauge 1 Great Central A5 class 4-6-2T.  Although most of the machining has been done there is still quite a bit of fitting work and minor machining to do, plus all the drilling and tapping.

I have spent about 10 days on it so far and have an almost complete running chassis, plus loads of fittings assembled ready to fit later. I will start on the Bunker and water tanks later today (090420)."

Webmaster comment - yes it would qualify for country membership - if there was such a thing! Wish you all the best - is it a biscuit tin in the right bottom corner?







Sometimes simple things work - sometimes they do not. Leave you to decide, but has a chance?



Norm Lorton is progressing with "Oliver Cromwell." He has updated this commentary (010420) Here

This includes re-writing the original content, again, to make it more reader-friendly.


This year Peter Loveland planted bulbs on the NSME site for us all to enjoy. Unfortunately, the tulips were mostly eaten by vermin, but the daffodils have prospered - demonstrated by a fine example of "Apotheose" opposite.

There is Carlton and maybe King Alfred, although no Cheerfulness, but plenty of cheer to lift the heart of anyone able to see the splendour.

Peter sends photos of the fruits of his labour.

Sadly, not so many of us will see all this - unless it is included in our morning walk of course.

Well  done Peter - and thank you.








New Gate installed - nice job. Awaiting lock to be welded on.
Photo from Geoff Watts

Probably the best of the bunch of videos popular at the moment Here


Suitable sleepers for raised track supports have been sourced and delivered ready for when we are able to install them.




Just a quick glimpse of TIM - the Tony Isolation Module or iPod. The door to the left opens into the transfer tunnel to the command module which is equipped with all the life support functions required and the Live Entertainment Module (LEM) further on. It is also where the Controller is, working out and delivering the support strategy needed and ensuring the robustness of the supply chain.

Only one downside - the view from the window could be better - possibly a view of the rolling hills of South Lincolnshire.

The work is on the replacement control box for phase 3 of the signals project.

The entertainment is "13 Minutes to the Moon" - highly recommended.


(From an original idea on the Peterborough site - but my module is not nearly as tidy!)








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