Updated September 18, 2018.

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  The next Public Run Day is on Sunday October 7, 2018 from 14.00 - 17.00

Free entry. Free parking.

Not the Aintree iron, but the scaffold nonetheless!....



Norman Johnston's beam engine is ready for MMEE2018. Video Here




Rain just about stayed away for the party on Tuesday 110918. Part of the crew, a baby, a 20 and Kevin helps out with some steam whilst on test.






Sunshine for the September public run day. Album Here





Our little stand at the Delapre Abbey Country Fair attracts attention and all smiles (nearly!) at the NSME August club run on Sunday, 270818 - in the promised sunshine









A tree falls and the ground track is used for the party on Tuesday 210818





Progress with the shed turntable take-off points....





Colleagues at Peterborough have a GWR 14XX for sale on their website Here




The rain just about stayed away for "Alfe's Cause" on Sunday 120818. Alfe appears in the first picture (second from left)






Now, once upon a time, and two posers - at the NSME August public run.

Pictures from Leslie Spikings. Album Here





A party for Evie on Saturday 040818





NSME provides sleepers for the sand pit at the Delapre Abbey By-The-Sea event next week. Sea expected later - bring your deck chair?



A new notice appears - a step to help with trespass problems.





Skye and Chase from Paw Patrol visited the party on Saturday 210818





Member Brian Parker has a loco carrier for sale on the Peterborough SME website Here




Brian Parker also sends pictures of the Sheffield open day. The eagle-eyed may see D&G and Brian's Holmside. Smart sheds.






Joy as the ice cream man calls in at the Tuesday party on 170818, "Shorty" seen parked outside NSME on London Road and even more joy as some of our old friends have dropped in on us again.






James gets his new buggy and John gives us a smile at the NSME July 2018 Club Run Day on Saturday 140718 from 14.00 to 20.00 - Album of the first half Here





NSME July 2018 Public Run Day - Album Here





The latest Southern Federation newsletter Here




Len sped down the track with Paul perched upon the back during a party on Tuesday 260618. Similarly for Phil and Kelvin.





During Saturday 230618, part of a tree complicated things - mostly fixed on Tuesday






David Fieldhouse sends info from his antipodean contacts Here




The sock's gone down and now the ground is very hard for digging a trench on Saturday June 16. Pictures from Geoff Watts




New member Robert tries out Merlin and we get a cup on Sunday 100618 at the Midlands Federation rally held at NSME. Pictures from Tony Kendall/David Jones. Album Here





Rosamunde demands just a little attention on Tuesday 050618



Pictures from Leslie Spikings of the June Public Run Day - Album Here




Pictures from Howard Cusden of the actual Spring Bank Holiday Club Run Day Here




Mainly clearing up on Tuesday 290518, with evidence water level had reached the top of the ascot fencing at some stage. Pictures from Tony Kendall.






Flash flooding affects ground level track on Monday 280518, raised track OK. Pictures from G. Watts.





The Passenger Carrying Miniature Railways Safety Group (PCMRSG) have issued their first draft of their document “Managing Health and Safety at passenger-carrying miniature railways,” reflecting current health and safety practice - to replace the now extinct "HSG216 - Passenger Carrying Miniature Railways – Guidance on Safe Practice." There, that all slips off the tongue nicely!
The draft document is on PCMRSG website Here, Facebook Here and Twitter Here.



Having given up on windows 10 and reverting to windows 5, Norman poses at the new raised track carriage shed beside his latest version of windows. 




NSME members were enjoying dinner and a run amongst the keck at Rugby MES this weekend 270518. Pictures from Doreen Coles and Brian Parker





Tom's party on Tuesday 220518





Brian Parker sends pictures of the Riverside Miniature Railway’s Grand Opening Gala Weekend, taking place Saturday 19 and Sunday 20 May at St. Neots. Who's that hiding behind the red flag? (Click on the picture)





A brace of Pansies on Tuesday 150518 - and two engines were also in steam!




A decent quality video from LMS7467 of the Doncaster Exhibition Here.



May 2018 public run day album Here.



Brian Parker sends pictures of the recent boiler seminar held in Eye, Peterborough.

Wake up Peter King!

Andy Waller and Eric Warner hiding?

Nice spread - the Northampton folks being first in line.




Training taking place and jurassic posing before the public run on Sunday 060518.





The Jon-Luc Express on Friday 040518


The Dreweatts transport auction was held on April 25, 2018. Price information Here




A hole in the ground, so big and sort of round it was
There was I, digging it deep
It was flat at at the bottom and the sides were steep...