For Sale:

5inch gauge Butch




John Kneeshaw


Tel: 07860497487



I have owned this lovely engine for about 20 years, but I do not know the original build date.

In late 2018 I stripped it down to recommission it and to smarten up the paint job. 

It was tested as if it were an engine with a new boiler.

All testing was done at our club by NSME boiler testers.

The bare boiler had a hydraulic test to twice working pressure in Jan 2019,

The engine was reassembled and hydraulic tested to 1.5 times pressure in May 2019.

First steam test was June 2019 and again in July 2020.

The hydraulic test expires in May 2023 and the steam test in July 2021.

It appears to be built pretty much to the Kennion Brothers design.

The loco has a hand pump, twin cylinder axle pump and a No3 injector - the injector is temperamental (aren't they all).


It is pretty powerful and smooth running.
To get the best out of it it needs a deep, even fire.

It has run at Delapré once a week since its test in July.

Price £3750

I do have a full set of drawings for the engine which I would sell separately.

The driving trolley is not for sale - I use it with my other 5in engine.


Tel: 07860497487