NSME Members and MMEE2014

The 2014 Midlands Model Engineering Exhibition was held at Warwickshire Exhibition Centre, Leamington Spa in mid October. Pictures of participating NSME members by Tony Kendall

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mini-Final1  The Whole Stand mini-Start1  The starting point in the hall - sometimes you just have to make a stand! mini-Start2  The Stand erecting team looking youger each year! mini-Start4  Dave's Boys!
mini-Final2  Stand Centre mini-Final3  Stand Right mini-Final4  Stand Left mini-Final5
mini-FridayCrew2  Graham demonstrates to a customer on Friday mini-FridayCrew3  Part of the Friday Team mini-FridayCrew4  Graham gets into the detail mini-Clock1  David Fieldhouse in the Clock Shop
mini-Clock2  Would you buy a clock from this man? mini-FS2  Geoff Watts's Flying Scotsman against a big brother mini-MidFed2  Maureen and Leslie Spikings with their Midland Federation stand mini-PeterSpikings1  Peter Spikings gets ready with Lexi
mini-PeterSpikings2  Lexi ready for off mini-PhilWeston2  Fred on guard with Phil Weston's 4in. Burrell mini-PhilWeston3  Ready to go! mini-PhilWeston6  Peter Spikings and Phil weston on parade
mini-PhilWeston7  Again, but not forgetting Lexi and Fred mini-PhilWeston9 mini-WestonSpikings1 mini-Raysweeting2  Ray Sweeting with newly completed Little Samson
mini-Raysweeting5  Ray again - note the new hat! mini-RaySweeting1  Ray on parade mini-Raysweeting8  Who dropped that in there? mini-Raysweeting6  What happened to the hat?
mini-Raysweeting9 mini-TheEnd3  The start of "Breakdown" brings out the best in everyone mini-TheEnd2  And - everything back to where we started