NSME June 2022 Public Run

The second NSME public run of the 2022 season was on Sunday June 5, 2022.

Pictures from Jackie Kneeshaw

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PRD050622(1) PRD050622(2) PRD050622(3) PRD050622(4)
PRD050622(5) PRD050622(6) PRD050622(7) PRD050622(9)
PRD050622(10) PRD050622(11) PRD050622(12) PRD050622(13)
PRD050622(14) PRD050622(15) PRD050622(16) PRD050622(17)
PRD050622(19) PRD050622(20) PRD050622(21) PRD050622(23)
PRD050622(24) PRD050622(25) PRD050622(26) PRD050622(27)
PRD050622(28) PRD050622(29) PRD050622(30) PRD050622(31)
PRD050622(33) PRD050622(34) PRD050622(36) PRD050622(37)
PRD050622(38) PRD050622(39) PRD050622(40) PRD050622(42)
PRD050622(43) PRD050622(44) PRD050622(45) PRD050622(46)
PRD050622(47) PRD050622(48) PRD050622(49) PRD050622(50)
PRD050622(51) PRD050622(52) PRD050622(53)