NSME July 2022 Club Run

Saturday 090722 was the July club run at NSME.

Pictures from Tony Kendall

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090722CRD(2) 090722CRD(1) 090722CRD(3) 090722CRD(4)
090722CRD(5) 090722CRD(6) 090722CRD(7) 090722CRD(8)
090722CRD(9) 090722CRD(10) 090722CRD(11) 090722CRD(12)
090722CRD(13) 090722CRD(14) 090722CRD(15) 090722CRD(16)
090722CRD(17) 090722CRD(18) 090722CRD(19) 090722CRD(20)
090722CRD(21) 090722CRD(22) 090722CRD(23) 090722CRD(24)
090722CRD(25) 090722CRD(26)