NSME Bits And Pieces Night 2015

Members gathered at the clubhouse on Tuesday April 14, 2015 for the annual Bits & Pieces Night. The Bassett-Lowke Bowl was presented to Eddie (John) Edwards for his petrol-engined traction engine.
Pictures from G&D Coles and Tony Kendall
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mini-GD1 mini-GD2 mini-GD3 mini-GD21
mini-GD9 mini-AJK1 mini-AJK10 mini-AJK11
mini-AJK14 mini-AJK15 mini-GD5 mini-GD5a
mini-GD5b mini-AJK12 mini-AJK13 mini-AJK8
mini-GD24 mini-AJK16 mini-AJK17 mini-AJK18
mini-GD17 mini-GD18 mini-GD19 mini-AJK19
mini-AJK2 mini-AJK6 mini-GD4 mini-AJK20
mini-AJK25 mini-AJK29 mini-AJK30 mini-AJK9
mini-GD10 mini-AJK4 mini-GD15 mini-GD22
mini-GD11 mini-GD12 mini-GD13 mini-GD23
mini-GD14 mini-AJK3 mini-GD14b mini-GD25
mini-AJK21 mini-AJK22 mini-AJK23 mini-GD26
mini-AJK24 mini-AJK28 mini-AJK26 mini-AJK27
mini-AJK5 mini-GD29